Kylie Minogue - Tension

I get a kick always trying to find a little bit of background story on all of my interests, and in this case absolutely about Padam Padam.
Following the trails of interviews here and there, Lostboy confirming last night that Kylie recorded the vocals at her a hotel, hi there to say that the first time she heard the Padam demo was during her Sunset Disco night in Miami.

She was feeling so Padam: how it started and how is going.
Rarely have I felt this delighted for a popstar winning an award. Seeing her glow and beam the whole night long is just beautiful. When I say she deserves it, I mean it with every fibre of my being.

She was already a legend before Padam Padam, but now her legendary status is crystallised forever.
Remember the insider who gave us this tea before the song was released?
Padam Padam sounds like a B-side. It's weak. Basic. Stupid. Just naah..
Oh, I can imagine the meltdown in every Kylie forum. It's just not single material. Not even a good album track. Just a filler.

I generally forget that Kylie usually doesn’t let the dust settle. I’m wondering if as she has become quiet after the Grammy, but then it makes sense because now the focus will be Dance Alone and hopefully a music video!