Kylie Minogue - Tension

I think Tension is a solid album. Out of the BMG releases I think it's probably my least favourite/least played though.

Maybe with a re-release and some extra songs it might make it more cohesive. I think so much excitement came from hearing Padam and Tension that the album didn't live up to those standards and we have what sounded like Disco rejects (with songs like Green Light) and unfinished songs like 'Hands'. Other tracks just sound very pop which was a let down as I think most of us were hoping for an album more electronic in its soundscape (as had been rumoured for the longest time).
I think it's her weakest post-Ultimate Kylie album. As a hardcore stan, beyond the singles, it's gotten shockingly little play from me.
I remember playing it so frequently during the album launch week and now am finding myself not visiting it anymore. I mean they are great songs and it's a great pop album. But beyond that, it has low replay value in my book.
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I think it's her weakest post-Ultimate Kylie album. As a hardcore stan, beyond the singles, it's gotten shockingly little play from me.
Yeah. I don’t get the praises for it on here. Half the album is really good (singles + Things we do, Sombody to love, Still get me high) but the rest is average.
I stopped listening to this after two weeks and I usually have her albums on heavy rotation for months.

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I find Tension to be her strongest BMG album by a country mile. Golden did absolutely nothing for me aside from Lost Without You, and Disco was great at the time for much needed pandemic relief but I don’t really find myself wanting to listen to anything from it anymore.

Padam, Tension, Hold On to Now, Things We Do for Love, One More Time, You Still Get Me High, Vegas High, Story and Somebody to Love still get plenty of love in this household. I think seeing 4 of those songs live in Vegas has helped since it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
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Tension is easily my most revisited BMG era album, but with that said, I barely revisit it. I still love "Padam Padam" and "Tension," but I feel like they teased a better, more interesting album than what Tension ended up being. The rest of the album is largely fine, but nothing that I'd actively seek out to listen to, while the only track on the album that I would actively seek out remains still unavailable on streaming ("Heavenly Body").
For me Tension > Golden >>>>>> DISCO

I listened to Extension on vinyl at the weekend and still love the whole album. No skips from me.

Golden was the refresh she needed though I do understand the country dance thing wasn't for everyone.

DISCO is OK. I enjoy the singles and Supernova, Where Does The DJ Go, Miss A Thing and Celebrate You. The rest was very much Kylie by numbers on autopilot for me. (The pandemic still haunts me so I do put some of this lack of enthusiasm for the album down to my state of mind at that time).
Yeah this is her best album since being at BMG, some of you all are just tripping. I haven’t revisited as much because I absolutely hammered it last fall when it was out! I’m looking forward to the new songs coming with the reissue. Really my only gripe is I wanted a legit video for Hold On To Now but that was jettisoned for recording new material instead. Also there is nothing wrong with the production and I swear if y’all start talking shit on Biff…