Kylie Minogue - Tension

At the time of release, Golden seemed a relief. For me, a relief in that Kylie was clearly feeling inspired and her songwriting was personal and honest. The Kiss Me Once era was (at least on my observations) a rare moment in time where Kylie seemed disengaged. Particularly around the time of the tour - I know there were constant budget cuts for that tour and after the massive spectacle of Les Folies, perhaps she felt a bit deflated?

On reflection, Kiss Me Once is actually the album I prefer, but Golden seemed a necessary creative shift for Kylie at the time. Shelby 68 is glorious, but I rarely revisit the whole album.
People who prefer Disco over Tension are the kind of people who get banned from Hobbycraft. No red flowy fabric for YOU.
First half of Tension is great. You Still Get Me High until 10 out of 10 is too by the numbers for me. The second half of an album needs those couple of curveballs to give the album a bit of variety but they never came. Heavenly Body and Running would’ve been a perfect fit.
I’m in camp Disco as well, patchiness aside. Padam and the visuals signalled something to me and John Hughes soundtrack is what (bar a few songs) I got. Love me some 80’s, just felt a bit disjointed to my ears. Got a great playlist out of it though, and deluxe to come allegedly:)