Kylie Minogue - Tension

Disco would be much more beloved had there been a tour, especially if it was performed 'in the round' as she said she'd like to. Imagine a non stop disco party. It was a record begging to be performed on tour, but alas t'was not to be.
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I feel like there's a lot of revisionism here. I don't recall Disco being universally loved, although I do remember that it was largely well-received. And even if people loved it at the time of release, they're entitled to change their opinions later on. It's easy to love a project while being caught up in the new release haze and I can completely understand someone's opinion changing when they reassess the album away from that haze.
The only real thing I hate about the Tension era, was the whole slap dash approach with the presentation of the album itself. I mean, 3 photos used for a album? This from the same woman who brought us such iconic album photoshoots for the likes of Impossible Princess, Fever, Body Language to name a few. Even Disco, an album that was produced for the most part in lockdown, had more given to it. I just hope we don't get the same treatment again for K17.
It was a great year but I am frustrated about only having two proper singles and videos from an album that was critically acclaimed and more or less a success - Hold on to now really deserved an etherial clip!

They did the same for Disco though until the videos for the re-release. I would have loved a video for Hold On but they probably didn't think it was worth spending the money.
The typical revisionism here. Disco wasn't universally adored here, plenty people had issues with it. And over time, with time away from that bubble of a new release, more people have realised it wasn't as good as initially believed. It's the same with any other album.
Golden is dull, but it was also necessary. You can tell Kylie got the hunger back. DISCO is better, though a bit rough around the edges at points (mostly production and niggling vocal issues). You can tell she’s more at home in the genre. Tension is when it finally came together. She paired with great songwriters, has solid and interesting production from people who have been working with her for literal decades. It’s just right.
Golden had the better songwriting
DISCO had the better songs
Tension had the better production

We now need an album that incapsulates all the above.
This. This is the tea. All three have had elements that excelled and others that let them down. In the end none is an essential Kylie album. I would love her to branch out with the kinds of names she works with.
Isn’t that just the same for the majority of Kylie’s album, no? Nearly ever post 2000 era, the b-sides and unreleased tracks are much better than at least half the songs that make the final track list!
Kylie's unreleased material ranks as song of the best pop ever recorded and even more baffling how much of it was left on the cutting room floor and then to leak.