Kylie Minogue - Tension

I'd love a career retrospective of key songs/videos/tours but I don't see it happening.
I guess it would primarily focus on her time in the US?
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I think it's great she is shooting a docu series. Perfect time of her career to be doing this. A new album, tour in the works not to mention her wine empire. Excited to see it. The fact that there was a bidding war between all the major streamers also says so much about where her status is globally.
She never ages. Gorgeous.
Good interview too!

‘Singing with her felt weirdly natural. There’s an unspoken bond between artists that I hold very dear. I respect how she has forged her own path and continues to do things her way,’ says Minogue. As a teenager, she had ‘the cut-off lace gloves and sang along to her songs in my bedroom, being my best Madonna’, she recalls. ‘Then later, in the early ’90s, I’d stay up till midnight to see the first play of her new video.’

Their duet was poignant. ‘She wanted us to cover I Will Survive for various reasons… she lost her mother to breast cancer and she knows of my history with it [Minogue was diagnosed in 2005, declared cancer-free a year later]; and we have both survived the ups and downs of being a woman in the industry,’ she says. ‘There was much that didn’t need to be said or explained to the audience, but it was understood.’
In his Paper interview (which you all need to see) Orville talks more about Midnight Slay

I’ve been working on this album for like two years, and after Willie asked me to do our song together, which started the whole idea, the first person I reached out to trying to see if I could get a duet song together was Kylie. Her and I used to DM, just in like a cute “heart each other’s stories” kind of way. But I was always sort of like, “I don’t know if this is just some gay guy running her account that’s like her publicist…” Because you never really know! And you don’t really want to put yourself out there, just in case.

But I was just kind of like, “Fuck it. I’m gonna shoot my shot.” So I was like, “Hey. I’m thinking of doing this duets album. I have one song so far. It’s with Willie Nelson. And I would love for you to be a part of it. I think we could make something really cool.” The idea from the beginning was that we could do this kind of dark disco country song. And she was like, “Absolutely.” No questions asked. Basically, we’ve been sitting on some of these songs for almost two years now.