Kylie Minogue - Tension

Truly awful. I’m a wee bit concerned about the ‘cheapening’ of her music over the past couple of years. Too many trashy, generic “bops”, of which this is easily the worst.

I'm not sure I fully track with this. Tension (the album) as good as it was, ended up being a little more middle of the road than the singles indicated, but as far as singles go, arguably, Padam and Tension (the song) were two of the boldest releases of her career.

This song, though... I'm kind of shocked at how much I loathe it. It makes Vegas High and 10 out of 10 sound sophisticated.
This feels like it plays a similar role to 10 Out Of 10 for me. It’s just a trashy generic bop that isn’t pretending to be something it isn’t. I’ll enjoy a few listens but be waiting for the real Kylie stuff to follow.
Girl this makes 10 out of 10 sound like fucking Birds of a Feather...

It's pretty bad. I quite like the melodies and hooks but the vocal production that's made Kylie sound like a human manifestation of tinnitus is highly unfortunate really. And yes the whole thing has a cheap, ultra tacky air that feels beneath what all 3 are more than capable of.
This is awful but not in an evil way, just... bad and basic. They were onto something with the prechorus about the star signs but the chorus is so bad and the vocal production worse. You can hear Ina getting locked in the basement with the task of making a new Padam Padam in one afternoon. Grim.

Truly hope this is for a deluxe and not a lead single. I just want Drum, Heavenly Body and Running.