Kylie Minogue - Tension

I doubt anybody will hear the vocoder effects and go “well I’m not streaming that”.
They may (wrongly) hear Kylie’s vocal on it and think “eww thats shrill, my ears, hate her voice, i’m not listening to that” is my point. Especially as there are already people out there who aren’t / haven’t been fans of her vocals, I feel this is production in the wrong direction.

Fans know how great her vocals can sound, and this production of her vocals isn’t doing her justice.
Song is awful but I hope this translates into millions of new listeners in streaming services and hopefully some of them will bask in her beautiful discography. Get those coinzzz from Bebe Trash gurl.
AddictionToVinyl said that the Tension reissue is being announced later today

Still have to listen to MOM, but your reactions don't seem so good. So, happy for a reissue. It's not the 1st single off new album, at least. Sad cos Rension is such a good album and her latest collaborations are quite... easy.
If this is a ‘lead’ for the Tension re-issue then it’s definitely stronger than any of the additional tracks we got from the Disco re-release I would say.

I still don’t get why she wouldn’t just announce a re-release on the Radio 2 interview though. Zoe was going on about a 17th studio album and that Kylie was recording songs and she confirmed she’d taken her mic with her around Vegas and had a load of new material.
If it’s simply a standard re-release with 4-5 new songs it’ll be a let down.
Doing a Steps ‘part 2’ type release would make a lot more sense. You can still keep Padam and Tension on the tracklist and then give us 10 additional songs please.