Kylie Minogue - Tension

I'm not sure if this will be on the reissue, but a new song titled "Good As Gone" was registered with Kylie's name on it and these credits - Caroline Ailin, Noonie Bao, Ben Kohn, Peter Kelleher, Tom Barnes. Owned by BMG.

I don't think this track would be out of place at Eurovision - Australia, this is your entry for next year!

It will probably grow on me but agree about the vocoder on Kylie and Bebe's vocals - just not needed.
Them awkwardly trying to fit in their names and star signs is so funny. "I am to, Toovay Lo, I'ma I'ma Scorpio" is taking me out.

Overall it's a mess. The shrill vocal processing, inviting Bebe for some reason (she didn't even write this), the Picsart Pro Trial template cover. I can see why people are hating this, but not gonna lie, I'll probably casually bop to this all summer long.
he / him
After additional listens, I see what y'all mean about the vocal processing, particularly on Kylie's vocals. However, I didn't have any issues with the way that Bebe's vocals were processed.

It's interesting that y'all pointed out that it seems like Tove's vocals didn't receive the same treatment, which has me wondering at what stage of the song's conception was Tove added to it. I wonder if it was originally just a duet between Kylie and Bebe, but then Kylie's team was able to get Tove onboard as well.
If it’s a lead into the re-release, it’s good and does the job.

If it’s a lead into a brand new album. It’s still good, I enjoy it, but would like something stronger. With a bit more of a statement.