Kylie Minogue - Tension

I always pop up now and again and show my appreciation for Magic. It was was Number 1 track in Spotify for TWO years (Top 5 in the third) and just uplifts me whenever I listen to it. For me it's the subtly to it that draws you in. Don't get me wrong, I love the big, camp bangers like Supanova etc too but Magic is really up there with my top 10 songs ever. Even 3 years later.

This strategy is great for an artist like Kylie. Her back catalogue should be bigger than it currently is.

This looks like it could possibly benefit artists who have a large backcat of tracks but depending on where you are in the world the song that's the most popular locally changes. You'd want, for example, the Australian local office to be able to identify and work the backcat that's took an upswing there to maximise the opportunities, instead of what largely happens with backcat by the time it gets through the corporate structure everyone's moved onto the next retro hit.
10/10 is a bop

The extended version has made me like the song more. I actually prefer the male spoken parts over Kylie's parts though.


Kylie is in LA filming for Netflix's The Residences, and rumour has it, she's performing a song from her new album for the Netflix show which won't hit the TV screens until 2024.
The BMG Era already produced some of my all time favorite Kylie tracks (Dancing, Stop me from falling feat. GdZ, Radio on, Lost without you, Say Something, Real Groove). I am very thankful for that.
Totally agree, it’s so great that she’s releasing such high quality music despite the fact that she’s passed her commercial peak and no longer has the budget she would’ve had back in the early 00s (who does, unless you're Taylor Swift). I’m more of a Disco stan than Golden as those singles were flawless…

Say Something > Magic > Real Groove (Studio 2054 Initial Talk remix) > Dance Floor Darling > Miss A Thing