Kylie Minogue - Tension

Album and single cover via Pulse:

Honestly, WOAH. This is what I expected Ava Max’s Diamonds & Dancefloors artwork to look like. Obsessed.
This photoshoot is a serve—Kylie is stunning, but we already knew that—but I can't say that I love the typefaces that she's used, especially the new Kylie that looks like someone tried to recreate the Fever Kylie on Microsoft Paint. I think that I wouldn't mind it so much if Tension was in white instead of black.

Yeah, I don’t love the fonts on the album cover, but it works well with the single.
Ooh I love it. I wonder if there’s some sort of reference in a song to the tension setting of a diamond ring.
Allegedly, these are some of the lyrics from the song:
Bet you can't wait
Hands all on me
Hot like chi-lli-lli (chi-lli-lli)
Baby it ain't any better
And I can do this forever
With you (with you, with you, with you)
(Aa, aa) All night touch me right there
(Do, do, do, do)
Touch me right there
(Do, do, do, do)
Baby break the tension