Kylie Minogue - Tension

My brain immediately wondered if the diamond is to hint at the possible Vegas residency being called White Diamond? I'm sure I read that on one of the forums?

I appreciate the aesthetic.
How do you know they're not? I mean, probably not, but people really expect everything instantly huh?
Yeah that’s exactly what I meant, why are the four limited editions Laserdiscs not in my house right this second???? How dare she????
he / him
To be fair it's not like the GP has any idea about any of this yet, it's largely just us pop music obsessed who frequent reddit and the forums. They should still announce this all tomorrow though now that this much is out there.
Honestly, they can and probably will stick to next week's release date for "Padam Padam" and announce the album then. Nothing substantial has leaked yet—just the cover art and a very LQ version of "Padam Padam" that is coming out in a week anyway.