Kylie Minogue - Tension

So we are up to 17 full songs leaked now? Excluding Padam Padam and the Tension snippets.
The last time something major like this happened must have been Rebel Heart? At least for acts like Kylie/Madonna. At least here it is mainly older tracks and not new stuff.

@ChrisKostakis I think it's Golden era and therefore about the hair transplant guy.
In the last two days (for anyone who needs a list):

A Rose is a Rose
Beautiful Disaster
Disco (no clue why she cut the title track teebs)
Eyes on You
Feel the Love
Golden (Runnin demo, possibly the title track before a completely separate new was recorded)
Like Lightning
Sad Songs
Shooting Star
Sweet Spot
Tears of Joy
The Loneliest Kind of Lover
Oh no. Album tracks are leaking in LQ. I’ve found two. Rotten potato quality, but legit. Hopefully they’re able to get this under control before the whole thing leaks.
People are mostly staying away from leaking Tension stuff in full (besides Padam Padam) or in good quality going by the few snippets out there. Supposedly even more stuff will be leaked from Kiss Me Once, Golden, and Disco in the next few days.
There's no way all of these Golden and Disco leaks aren't coming from Kamp Kylie. And bless them. They're all varying stages of brilliant.