Kylie Minogue - Tension

I think the thing that makes the alt colours look bad is that they made the whites of her eyes super white and her teeth

In the original they are tinted green because of the green light
I'm really sorry but Kylie fleecing y'all with these absolute eyesores of variants ffffff
Hearing Padam on Spotify - it sounds so...chunky and bouncy. Full of little production details.
I have to say I'm... not hearing this. The production is quite buried in the mix and I expected a few quirks or something more cleanly mixed, a la other recent Lostboy tracks like 10.35 or Let It Die. Those had sick production. This does the job, but it's all a bit muffled. Strong single nonetheless.
There will definitely be more hideous variants to come, remember how she milked Disco!
The original version still looks great though!

The song is everything I wanted, so good! But when it ended I was literally like "where is the rest of it"?
PRAYING for an extended version.
I love the original cover but I'm in love with this. The imagery (and sound for that matter, based on a lot of the snippets) follow up to "Lost Without You" we deserved.

God bless you for this. One of her best shots ever?

Does the same creative director overseeing shoots like this actually have a say in her artwork? dddd.