Kylie Minogue - Tension

The video bit dull for a Kylie lead single, no?

Does anyone know where the video was filmed? Love the vintage Route 66 vibes.
Ddd not the sun as an excuse! Girls, it's just poor lighting and direction, it's okay to acknowledge it — and it is also expected when you keep resorting to a collaborator despite diminishing returns.

Also, people forget since she left Parlophone she is mostly an independent artist, she licenses the right to her music to BMG to release it, but she OWNS every master. She is in control through her own label Datenote.

Independent artists don't have a big budget, honestly.

Yes, she's practically insolvent by now! Kylie found crowdfunding the Tension Tour budget
I’ve listened to this song about 50 times and always get annoyed that it ends too soon. It stops vocals at 2:25 and even the last ten seconds are basically silence. People will skip way before the song ends, unsure if this will effect streaming?

Maybe they secretly wanted us to crave more.

Even just adding a final upper key chorus with ad libs at the end of the breakdown beat would have been nice.
Cheers and sorry, I don’t actually speak Spanish but I did learn for a year a million years ago so just recognised some of the words.

No need to apologise. There's lots of Spanish AND Portuguese comments so you're not wrong.

Brazilian twinks are really active on social media commenting. There's loads of 'come to Brazil (flag emoticon)' comments.
I’d like to point the Kiss Of Life as a really great video in general and perfect example of how you can make budget, storyline, aesthetic and charisma all work, without harming each aspect. You have a clear vision of what’s happening and there’s no room for doubting the intention of the video (which most of the time turns out to be the second worst sin in a music videos, only losing to boring). The filters, the “acting”, everything is perfectly aligned. The close up of her writing nonsense of the type-writer is the cherry on top. Real camp.

There’s a very awkward protective energy of “why do you expect something GOOD from her???” While most of the “criticisms” is just stating some bad executions. It’s not that deep or directed at her.

And I’m sure that even if she had no deal with no label ever again, her wine brand alone could probably pay for a whole album campaign.
The video doesn’t fit the song and feels weird, really not a home run. The song is a bumpy electropop song which could do with some more production flourishes and obviously a bridge or final highlight. There barely is a build up and it feels a bit faceless.

It’s all not bad but it’s also all not so special.
Whewww lots to catch up on in this thread! "Padam Padam" is GREAT. Probably my favourite lead since "Slow" (which is crazy to think came out almost two decades ago). It's insanely catchy and hypnotic, and I'm so happy to see Kylie reviving the mid-00's electro-pop sound that suits her so well. However, it does feel super niche. Us nostalgic pop forum huns are eating it up but I really don't see it appealing to the general public. And I know there is no budget for music videos these days but... I'd love to know who heard this banger of a song and thought it would be a great idea to have Kylie sitting in a diner sliding a coffee cup and salt shaker back and forth?! At least she looks amazing while doing so.
It's really just a nice backdrop for when a club plays it. Music videos just... aren't a thing anymore for most artists.
Even Beyoncé gave them up.
The version of Slow on Infinite Disco is the first time i’ve really liked the track.

I connected emotionally to Say Something - it’s in my Kylie top 10 for sure, possibly in the top 5.

I’m liking the new single -it bodes well for an interesting album - the only album of hers I’ve ever pre-ordered before hearing a single track. That’s a direct response to Disco being excellent - my favourite Kylie album thus far
There was a scene where the wind machine makes her cape literally consume her and I honestly thought that they should've cut that and reshot that section because it looked so awkward.

I like that part cause the next shot is a closeup of the cape being pushed away while she sings and moves - makes it look intentional and in control to me.