Kylie Minogue - Tension

Yeah, gimme the remixes! They most definitely should release a limited cd/vinyl pressing of the single, I'm sure it's coming since they did the same for the Disco singles.

Im pretty sure there will be cassettes and CD single. With a tour next year and album not out until September I think they have to be careful with pacing the campaign.
Actually, I kind of can't hear anyone else singing this? Admittedly, I'm not familiar with Bebe Rexha's oeuvre but Kylie has this particular mix of girlishness and iciness that serves this song perfectly and I can't really see anyone else hitting on the same vibe as well as her. These mechanical electro bops are her lane.

There is no one else that does this sexy-ice-cold-electro vocal delivery as good as Kylie.

There are other great pop girls who could do this song but not nearly as well.
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Not to interrupt Padam but I expected a lot more from Kylie for a lead. There has literally never been a better time to be an artist who is favoured by the queer community and she comes with some sort of Bebe Rexha single? We should expect more from her. It could be anyone singing this, there's zero charm or charisma and for the artist who gave us some of the most pivotal moments in pop music to lead her campaign with this is a shame.

The way you’re the only one who thinks this. Also you’ve definitely never heard a Bebe Rexha song in your life.
Padam is her first lead single in nearly 15 years that feels risky and different. All the Lovers, Into the Blue, Dancing and Say Something all coexist in the same soundscape and her fans have gotten so used to the lead being a mid tempo emotive track and not a slinky sexy icy bop.
Padam isn’t a new sound for her but it’s a sound she hasn’t tackled in any big way for so long and certainly not for a single.
Listened to this in my car for the first time on the way home from dinner this evening (Spotify, Apple Car Play, pretty good stereo) and... a little surprised at how muddy and compressed it sounded? I'm not going to pretend to have the knowledge of a recording engineer, but everything -- every instrument/sound/her voice -- sounded like it was all on the same level, if you know what I mean. I expected to hear/feel that deep, clubby bass come through, but it didn't. It felt like listening to a song playing on the radio on my childhood boombox.

After that, Spotify played a few other uptempo Kylie songs and they all came through with more dynamics and color. I know everyone's stereo is different etc, but just curious if others have experienced this. Well produced/engineered dance/electro/club oriented music usually sounds pretty good in my car without any adjustments needed. For a minute there, I thought I'd accidentally turned the bass all the way down (I had not.)
I would class myself a casual Kylie fan, loved Fever...interested in all her singles, album wise dropped off until Disco and then loved it, Magic is one of my favourite songs ever. The initial singles get my interest and then I will give the album a spin...and if it doesn't catch me then I drop off until next album.

For me, Padam Padam really is epic. The production sounds the perfect balance - from a BMG perspective - of keeping all bases enough for fans but cool enough for new audiences. It really is a perfect pop record, gets in your head, simple, makes you bop.

The video for me is another win for BMG - weird lack of colour grading aside - it doesn't really make sense (in a good way), is very hypnotic, love the red and keeps you wanting to view again...the bopping choreography is GENIUS, so infectious.

Overall her best beginning to a promotional campaign since Fever.
I haven’t been on for a while. But have to say Padam Padam is everything I wanted it to be. The sound is sharp, simple and modern - not playing safe but as always retaining Kylie’s DNA. To me it’s her coolest single since Slow and most instant since Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. Don’t get me wrong there have been some epic leads since that have become classic but in terms of a real instantaneous impact this is the one. I also think the video hits the spot well. No criticism from me. Now for it to become a genuine “hit” it needs the streaming numbers and/or a TikTok trend to catch on (the dance routine and the hypnotic sound would lend well to this). I’m not sure either will happen and tbh I’d given up on Kylie having any further singles chart success…. But wouldn’t it be nice if she bucked that trend! Only time will tell - but all lining up nicely for single 2 and the album. Team Kylie and BMG are not playing this time around - they mean business!
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If Hold On To Now was meant to be the lead, can't see it getting as much attention as this somehow, despite it sounding great as well. It would be too similar to what leads we've had before.
This. Had Kylie led yet another era with another emotopop lead when she's already led three of her last four studio albums with an emotopop lead, I can't imagine it receiving the same buzz that "Padam Padam" is receiving. Whatever inspired her to get back into the studio and work with Lostboy is paying off now, imo. It's wild to think that the era might've started earlier and in a more predictable manner if it weren't for that late spark of creativity.