Kylie Minogue - Tension

The Illuminati pose on the album cover. The 'Devil' red in the video. Probably that also she loves the queer community. A big 'no, no' with them.

Like this :
'I loved #KylieMinogue. I made excuses for her. But her latest album is in-your-face Illuminati symbolism from one-eye cover to dancing in devil red on the debris of Western Civilization in the Padam Padam video,' they wrote.

'Looking back, it was there from the start, on "I Should Be So Lucky",'
That second quote is hilarious
Me dancing in devil red on the debris of Western Civilisation to Padam Padam
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I think she might climb a spot or two by Friday and get another best spotify day or two. It's a great second week, this song is building momentum so easily and quite organically, the way Trustfall also became a solid hit but with more cultural impact and media discourse.

It's pretty reassuring and feels like a bit of a door opening moment for audiences, especially in the UK, becoming more open to songs by older artists. But it also highlights how important a big Spotify playlist add is, it's so make or break.