Kylie Minogue - Tension

10 of the 50 Tension test pressings have been sold or are being sold on eBay.

At this rate, nobody will be hanging on to their copy.
I'm not buying a cassette. Give me REMIXES. I will download them all individually.

I am SO happy with the #12 position and if this is as good as it gets, then wow. But there is still a chance of a top ten song from our gal in 2023. WOWx4

I don't get cassettes either. It's just clunky plastic.

The aesthetic of a vinyl I can get behind. Especially loaded with remixes.
If I am honest I prefer the bootleg tee I bought recently.


The fact that she charted at #12 in 2023 is a miracle in itself when you compare to the fact that Madonna hasn't had a single go Top 15 in the UK since 2009.
And it will be amazing to hopefully see them both inside the Top 10 if everything goes according to our gay plans!

I can’t at the amount of twitter stans pitting them against each other. Even more so because it’s not even comparable: one has a solo song while the other is feature artist. Please stop it.
he / him
Just thinking about how Into The Blue got to #12 in 2014 and was considered a flop. Fast forward to 2023 and Padam reaches the exact same position and it is considered a hit.
Context really matters. Kylie was still viewed as a singles artist at that point, despite all of her singles following "Get Outta My Way" flopping. A Kylie lead missing the Top 10 was an underperformance, considering it was its peak, falling out of the Top 30 the following week. "Into The Blue" had zero longevity.

In contrast, "Padam Padam" climbed to No. 12 in its third week and it's highly likely that it'll continue to climb. In its third week, "Into The Blue" had fallen out of the Top 40.
So, are Kylie and all the dancers ghosts in the Padam Padam video?
The little girl dancing makes me think that she may be the only living one as kids are supposed to see them and she is just dancing along randomly.
Ina Wroldsen was interviewed on BBC Radio Kent talking about how she worked with Kylie on Padam Padam, the words Padam Padam originated from her mum when her heart was racing she kept on saying I just had a Padam Padam, Ina’s young son keeps his mother up to speed with all the countless posts on TikTok and although never met Kylie she stated she has worked with so many artists over the years, our Kylie was the fist to send an email to thank her,she stated ‘it’s no surprise that Kylie has been successful for so long the email was so classy’ the song was recorded last January,

That is so lovely and so Kylie!
Up four places to #26 in Ireland. So, chart runs so far (excluding niche/specialised charts) are:
Australia: 39 - 55 - 40
Ireland: 36 - 30 - 26
UK: 26 - 23 - 12
Great to see her simultaneously Top 40 in three countries. Surely more European nations will jump on board soon?
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