Kylie Minogue - Tension

Frank Strachan was behind the pre-Tension fashion looks not sure if he's behind these recent ones. Jessica Johnston was her co-stylist for the Golden and DISCO eras, but not for this one.
Thing is, she looked phenomenal in the video and for the Capital Ball, but the rest of the outfits have been varying degrees of bad and unflattering.
Her hair and makeup has been flawless though, even those chunky red streaks. Very Gale Weathers in Scream 2 of her.
he / him
I know this isn’t definitive yet, but I was hoping for a full fledged residency at one of the famed theaters. Hopefully, sales blow their minds and they move the production into one as they rightfully should.
If that were the case, I'd imagine that they'd just extend the residency rather than moving it to a theatre. I imagine the residency and the launch of the club are probably tied up in contracts, etc.