Kylie Minogue - Tension

he / him
We are a long way from "Give me just a little more time" and "I've got to be certain".
Kylie's at her best when she's at her "Flash it in fashion with me. Skin to skin. Body to body." and "I can do this all night—all those things you like. Got you high as a kite like the way I shake it." and "I want to see you beat all your best times. And if you're lucky, I'mma teach a class that'll turn you blind."
I've heard two versions of Hold On To Now with different endings and what I think that's the finished version has an even longer ending, with some kind of choir fading with it. Very Out of Control-esque.

I've only heard the version that leaked a few weeks ago, which is the demo. But I read over on the other site the final version has an extended ending and was different and that the intro was different too.
Hopefully they do like a top 40 countdown on air to reveal the results.

Edit. They are!!

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