Kylie Minogue - Tension

I feel like Kylie recorded Red Blooded Woman with her American/Canadian audience "in mind".

I wonder how the song went down on her 2009 For You, For Me tour in the USA and Toronto?
I'm still reeling that If Only and Feels So Good was omitted from its parent record's tour. There was even a Feels So Good Hot Ticket Package.
KMO is her worst tour and it’s the last time I’ve seen her in an arena, as Golden Tour was in smaller venues in mainland Europe.

I need back a full on Kylie tour experience soooo bad. Take my money and do what needs to be done!
I hope she does some good promo in France, Spain, Germany etc.
She needs to get her face and music back into people's faces.
She will do all the USA breakfast TV shows, like she did with Golden and Disco.

Yep yep yep, This is a big opportunity to get back into europe and get the fans back on side again.....i like it when we share kylie with our neighbours.
Really sad about Kylie and Paul but not surprising at all as we haven’t seen them together publicly for so long. I totally get what Kylie feels about wanting to keep it quiet and not wanting the narrative of poor, unlucky in love Kylie, as someone who also hasn’t had much luck in that department over the years. We all know she’ll put her all into this new era as she always does, bring on K16!