Kylie Minogue - Tension

I suspect her moving back to Australia full time was always going to be an issue in the relationship, I just hope it was an easy breakup.

But she's not in Aust. full-time?

2021 she was mostly in Melbourne - but 2022 she was mostly papped in Europe and seen with Paul two times in 12 months.

If Kylie was recording in Croatia, Spain and France - where was her boyfriend?
I hate this 'unlucky in love' trope that gets dusted off to talk about the private life of Kylie.
Totally agree, it’s giving a narrative that she’s this defenceless poor thing but we have no idea how in control she might be of these relationships. It’s also insinuating that you need a life partner to have a fulfilling life which isn’t true. She’s a fierce independent mega successful woman.