Kylie Minogue - Tension

Reading everyone’s comments who have only heard the full song today reminds me of when I first heard it in July. Lying in bed, stoned, listening to it on repeat, mind exploding, couldn’t work it out, alien vibes & 3 songs in one a la Girls Alouds best bonkers songs.

Bravo to BMG for holding off on the downloads until Friday. With the change of 2nd single & different strategy, it’s almost like they’re listening to us nutjob stans.

Really hope I don’t have a meeting at 12 noon tomorrow so I can watch the video. Despite the promo clips & single cover being black & green the longer clips don’t seem like they are. Kylie’s outfit walking into that tardis hut is giving me Maria from sound of music & have a feeling there may be wizard of Oz vibes going on. Maybe that’s where the emerald hue comes from. Bit similar to Shocked, going through the revolving doors into a different world & peaking through the keyhole to a world beyond that.
Listening in HQ it’s struck me how much I love the ending of the track, reverbing piano echos. Glad it’s not a chorus to fade.
I think I read on here there were two versions of tension that leaked. I got the album version. Was the other the edit or more of a demo?

Can’t wait to touch myself right there when the 1st Spotify stats roll in!