Kylie Minogue - Tension

They/them, he/him
Oh girls, this gay hasn't even heard the full album but has got "You Still Get Me High" on repeat already.


This was me when I heard Things We Do For Love’s chorus for the first time. @idratherjack had warned me it would be a transcendent moment and he was not wrong! My wig is still somewhere in the vicinity of Uranus.
Vegas High is connecting more today. Lyrically, it’s actually not as cliched and predictable as it might have been and captures my thoughts on first seeing Vegas in the distance perfectly.
Feels a little premature to be saying this but this could easily turn out to be in my top 3 of her albums. Even Hands is doing things for me today.
Thoughts so far:

Approaching Better the Devil You Know league:
Padam, possibly Tension as well

Hold On To Now
Things We Do
You Still Get Me High
Story (oddly poignant)
Just Imagine (probably on my own here but there’s something about the melody and her tone that I just love)
Somebody to love

Good/ Very Good
Vegas High
Green Light
10/10 (it fits well and I’d love hearing it on a night out)

Still not making as much of an impression:
One More Time
Love Train (I know it’s a dense comparison but parts of it puts me in mind of Britney’s Bombastic Love).
I finally got around to watching the visualizers and while they are all simple they are very effective. The woman just exudes charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent above all else.

And if she’s already sold 31k copies according to Buzzjack then I guess she’s heading for probably one of the biggest album debuts of the year in the UK.
I'm out of London this weekend and my friend is a LEGEND and picked me up the limited vinyl. Very happy! Apparently there's plenty of stock of everything apart from the lithograph pictures - but she was apparently signing more this morning!
Yep, the store manager told my friend earlier that two more signed lithos are coming in today!