Kylie Minogue - Tension

So... it's her? With the blaccent?? "Barbie"???

Sorry I have not been following the discourse and am extremely confused by this dd.

It’s not her, it’s the session singer but no one is credited like ft…..which is causing the confusion

Although love to see the meltdown if it was ft. Nikki Minaj or Ice Spice
he / him
So... it's her? With the blaccent?? "Barbie"???

Sorry I have not been following the discourse and am extremely confused by this dd. It literally sounds like someone else.
0:17 to 0:31 is the session singer on lead vocal, so:

Big drop on the bassline. Tik Tok on the waistline.
Don't rush, baby. Take time, yeah, yeah.
'Cause I'm down for a late night and I'm off for a good time.

Ain't nobody killin' my vibe.
She / Her
I'm having such a strange entry with this album sandwiched between Dodger and Slayyyter. Moments like Hands' bizarre rap feel like a further degradation of Disco-ey tropes when Padam & Tension had me primed for a much denser electro affair. I certainly won't be writing this off but I'm definitely taking my time to connect with it.
Kylie's vocal has tended toward nasal and shrill since at least Aphrodite. The rich and creamy tone still present on Light Years is gone for sure. It has been jarring on occasion but she's 50-something, no voice survives fully in tact as the body ages. I think her self-recorded vocals, and working with producers who get her voice, have done wonders though. And she does still have plenty of power and a sparkling top register, which is often the first thing to go for far younger singers. In general I'd say her voice is in pretty healthy condition.

It's also a thrill to hear her vocals produced really well on songs like One More Time and Somebody to Love. This album has some of her best vocal perfs in years and that's especially appreciated after the dubious vocals present on Golden and parts of Disco.
Oh yeah, my post wasn't a criticism as much as it was just... an acknowledgement of time passing, and I agree that this album is probably her best in forever in terms of vocal production where a lot of the messiness present on the last couple of albums appears to be gone.
ft. Nikki Minaj



I’m not gonna read all those pages and this has probably been repeated since the album leaked but the two singles really stick out from the rest huh? I would never have imagined the album would be so… retro and 80s from those two songs and the artwork. I was definitely expecting something icier.

But regardless, it’s a great album as usual. Kylie is one of the most consistent girlies for me.
The heel of 'Somebody To Love' is pressed on my neck so god damn hard. It's like a soothing 80's electronic lullaby,
the slower pace is quite welcome in the context of the whole & she pulls it off so well here. Hard to understand why they decided to leave it off the main album.
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I believe they did receive credit, but I agree that it probably explains why they’re not listed as a feature.
That's what I meant to say—the lack of a credited feature. I'm sure that the vocalist is credited within the official credits.

Edit: Turns out that the additional vocals are credited to Ms Marinade, but based on Kylie mentioning that the vocals were by a male vocalist that were pitched to sound like a female vocalist, it's safe to assume that that's just a throwaway pseudonym for Ryan Ashley.
Too funny re: the Hands verse. Kind of a weird choice, but I didn’t even realize until I listened super closely.

In general, the album has grown on me and it’s quite the joyous affair alongside Romy’s Mid Air. This is Kylie’s best album since Aphrodite in my book!
I think this album has proven beyond a doubt, that Kylie is truly THE perfect popstar.
She is, without a shadow of a doubt. I'm loving this album a little bit more each day.
My hopes is that we get an Aphrodite size like tour and then I dream of her releasing something a little bit more cutting edge, I'm that cig that wants her to venture into unknown territories and most of all, truly interesting, meaningful lyrics. Who cares if she flops. I love that her music is the embodiment of escapism and mindless joy. But I would appreciate bops that had a little more spice and experimentation.
I don't want her to be that "YASS, Queen of giving us the same but a twist".

Call Klas Ahlund, James Ford and Andy Cato.
I was just thinking Jon Green has not been acknowledged enough. Going back to Radio On and Say Something, every Kylie song he has touched has been 10s across the board. If you’re listening, bravo Jon!
I always wanted them to collaborate on more songs and it happened now and I am a happy boy!