Kylie Minogue - Tension

My bundle from the Kylie store arrived this morning and it's so good to have it in my hands and my ears.

Hold On To Now. Well, this song has really got to me. My sister passed away two months ago and while she was going through cancer treatment and the ups and downs of life, my attitude was to hold on to the moment because she wouldn't be around for too long. 'Dreaming we'll be dancing forever' makes me think of all the gigs and parties we went to. So that song reminds me of her. Never, ever, underestimate the power of music.

If only I had a Slow beach towel to dry my tears.
Oh I am sorry and what a lovely post. It really is amazing the feelings that music can evoke.

Is evoke the correct word? Either way, the power is there.
What I love the most is that this in many ways is ‘another Kylie Minogue’ album which makes the critical accolades all the more better. She stayed the same; the world caught up.

I said it a couple of weeks ago, I think the time between Kiss Me Once and Tension and what’s been inbetween has helped aid this. Sonicallly Tension has elements of all of her previous post 2000 albums running through them, but the safer sounds of Golden and Disco - while great albums has helped forge a craving for her more pop roots to come back. If Tension followed up Kiss Me Once, I don’t think it would hit in the same way.

Also since Glastonbury, there’s been a very careful plan to safely curate her legend status. Having that and combining it with a more current flavour has hit the right combination to where we are now to have a truly 3rd imperial phase.

Also isn’t this gonna be Kylie’s 4th #1 album in a row? Incredible!!
Things We Do For Love, You Still Get Me High, and Somebody To Love are the only modern 80s pop songs on the whole set yet it feels like some are framing it as the dominant sound on the album?

In terms of the standard:
Icy modern = Padam Padam, Tension, 10 out of 10
80s end credits = Things We Do For Love, You Still Get Me High
Disco but better = One More Time, Green Light
Emotopop = Hold On To Now, Story
Euro dance = Vegas High
R&B pop = Hands

It’s so much more varied than it’s getting credit for, yet it still works as a set because of Kylie herself. What she brings to a song melodically and vocally is why we’re getting an album this good this far into her career.
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After spending some time with Tension, I conclude that it is definitely up there with her best work. She deserves the universe.

Padam Padam, Hold On To Now, Things We Do For Love, Tension, You Still Get Me High, and Story are all god-tier 10/10 songs, with the latter one being my personal favourite currently. One More Time is pleasant, giving Disco-but-done-right. I don't really care that much about Hands and Green Light, but I appreciate how they bring down the BMP a bit while still retaining the hook-laden nature of the album. Vegas High is the only song I'm still undecided on, I'm going back and forth between cringy and great.

In a way, I feel that this album is a logical progression after Golden, as if Disco had never happened (her mind!). The songwriting is incredibly good - and incredibly Kylie.

"Let's get romantic, overdramatic / It's cinematic when we touch" and literally the entirety of Things We Do for Love.

Contemplating ending a relationship and then saying "maybe it's (just) the moonlight" is incredibly clever.

"Touchin' the heavens, oh yeah, we're raisin' hell" and "Chasin' that diamond on the horizon" are amazing one-liners, and overall, Vegas High is very well written in spite of the tacky idea of writing a Vegas song because of a residency, dd.

"(...) the walls come close and take away the light" and again, the entirety of Story. I'm going to build my entire personality around its middle eight.
Disappointed in myself.
I've been so busy that I've not been able to 'break the Tension' and listen to the album yet.
Hopefully I'll have an hour or two to listen today.

I'm hoping my local HMV still has the exclusive vinyl in stock, as I'm going to head out first thing and buy it, to add to the growing collection. Received my cassettes and bundle. In love with the signed print too.

Amazing news in the rumoured first day sales. I was hoping for high sales. Hopefully it continues throughout the week. Oh how I wish I was able to make it to the pop up shop!
From discogs:

Kylie Minogue – Hands

Engineer [Lead Vocal Engineering By] – Kylie Minogue
Mastered By – Dick Beetham Mixed By – Guy Massey
Producer – Cutfather, Daniel Davidsen, KayAndMusic*
Producer [Vocal Production] – Ryan Ashley
Vocals [Additional Vocals] – Ms Marinade
Written-By – Daniel Davidsen, Kasper Larsen, Mich Hansen, Ryan Ashley