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I expect Kylie pays for the videos herself now. Even in the days of the big record deals, the cost of the video would have to come from the profits. I’m not sure about Kylie’s deals but some or all of the cost would have been claimed back from her.

The production cost of music videos (as well as the cost of promo for the single releases, as most singles made a loss due to 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 purchasing deals with the shops) was/is charged against the album income. All of that marketing spend is recoupable before any album royalties are paid out to the performers (that's why so many people started getting themselves producer and exec credits).

Remember all those acts who filmed moderate to big budget videos back in the 90s/early 2000s? Very few of them were able to say "no, we think that's too much money to spend on a video". And if they did, the label would threaten to pull the record anyway.

Kylie's likely on a 50/50 agreement with BMG. She fronts half the cost, but with that comes equal say in decisions and equal split of the profit income from her music activities, instead of the traditional classic label deal, we decide everything, we spend what we want, then recoup from you before you get to see anything.
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I think maybe it's good to just reset expecations in regards to her videos. She's on BMG, they understand where and how to spend money when it comes to legacy artists, and videos are way down the priority list. They have pretty much zero impact on how an artist like her sells albums or tour tickets nowadays and are just basically cute bits of content to fill out a campaign.
A good MV doesn't necessarily mean an expensive MV though. They have been plenty of great and memorable low budget MVs.

We don't need high budget MVs from Ms Minogue. That era is well and truly behind her and that's absolutely fine—not many artists are active and producing new material five decades into their career. What we do need are MVs that inspire replay value.
Discussing her best videos and not mentioning Timebomb and Sexercise??
Two great MVs—I still stand by "Sexercize" being Kylie's last great MV—and neither seem to be particularly high budget.
Discussing her best videos and not mentioning Timebomb and Sexercise??

That would be me. The stoppy-starty "Timebomb" video is one of the reasons I really hate the song. I don't hate "Sexercise" though, I just forget it exists. They should've fully pivoted to it the moment it got attention instead of letting the campaign founder to maintain the outdated idea of what a singles run is.
She needs a new creative team all round really. Someone fresh to reignite her creativity and show her new ideas.
The big issue there is kylie loves loyalty and those around her know that and that's what they give her, plus she pays very well , if aries is given more creative freedom this time would be a start, now for all his faults will baker knew he could push her and had a vision, people like Christian bless him he's a sweetheart but someone of kylies legacy is to much for him
If Kylie on BMG is fronting some/all of the cost of music videos... I'd be happy for single #1 to have an obvious budget/innovation and be great - 2nd and 3rd singles - who cares?!!
You don't need a big budget to make a great piece of visual art. Kylie has natural stage presence and the camera loves her. All she needs is a good set up and someone with some vision and fresh ideas and she'll be set. I'm sure there are loads of new talents out there who would be affordable and eager to work with legend like Kylie. Everyone would benefit.
Unless you're a massive act like a Beyoncé or Taylor Swift, then the music industry in general is suffering from budget issues. It really does just come down to working with people who have a vision, because most creatives are already working within a tight budget to begin with – and doing amazing things within that.
Even Beyoncé has stopped dropping video albums
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You don't need a big budget to make a great piece of visual art. Kylie has natural stage presence and the camera loves her.
This. Kylie has always been a charismatic performer. Budget shouldn't be an issue in delivering a solid visual.

One of Kylie's best MVs is literally her standing in front of a wall in various outfits, but it works because there's a solid concept tying everything together.

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She used the term emotopop in this post from 2012 with what is seemingly a lyric from Better Than Today so not sure what to expect.
Not to disagree with the artist herself, but the term "emotopop" seems to encapsulate the shimmery midtempos that she's so fond of releasing as a lead single, including "I Believe In You," "The One," "All The Lovers," "Into The Blue," "Kiss Me Once," "Crystallize," "Lost Without You" and "Say Something."
"Can't Get You Out of My Head", "Come Into My World" and "Slow" are her holy trinity of videos.

Do they count as big budget?

"All The Lovers" was a cute, chubby-backed moment too.

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