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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Right, even though I love her, I am getting sick of seeing new Kylie threads constantly appearing.

    A few off the top of my head:
    What's gone wrong with Kylie
    Kylie Post X
    Definitive X tour thread (i started that one - I think there may be another X tour thread as well)
    'The one' video thread ('About bloody time' I think its called)
    A few started by a clearly insane person (not me)
    ...i am sure there are more

    Does anyone else agree that one 'General' thread will suffice for now, until there is proper new material?

    If so, please could a mod kindly combine some of the other threads here, or even lock a few of them.

    If this is an unpopular suggestion I will delete this.
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  2. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Couldn't agree more - don't mind Kylie at all, but the topics of some of the threads are plain daft, and some could easily be combined.
  3. Still_FMW

    Still_FMW Guest

    Re: General Kylie discussion

    I may as well start a discussion then. The only Kylie albums I own are Ultimate Kylie and X. I'm half considering buying Light Years, Fever and Body Language. Any of them actually any good? If Please Stay and Chocolate were considered single-worthy from them then I don't hold out much hope.
  4. Re: General Kylie discussion

    By the record company anyway. Kylie fans got in a tizzy of Please Stay being released over the likes of Disco Down, Your Disco Needs You, a proper release of Butterfly and Light Years.

    And many fans don't like Body Language anyway...
  5. Still_FMW

    Still_FMW Guest

    Re: General Kylie discussion

    Slow and Red Blooded Woman are two of my top 3 favourite Kylie songs and I *think* they're both from Body Language. I know loads of people don't like those two. Are those two indicative of the rest of the album?
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  6. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Body Language is a very cold album to listen to. It's not really up there with Fever in terms of what Kylie is capable of when it comes to decent happy fist-in-the-air pop music. Red Blooded Woman isn't very good and Chocolate is dire. However I like Slow, Still Standing (a brilliant track) and Someday. However, I've not really enjoyed a Kylie album since Fever. Body Language and X aren't very good at all.
  7. Re: General Kylie discussion

    I find Body Language quite hard to box into "Slow-esque" or "Red Blooded Woman-esque". I find that it's basically electro-pop with infuses of urban, that pretentious brand of electro-pop, funk, disco etc. Then there is tracks like Chocolate, the epic ballad Loving Days and the rubbish Cathy Dennis track After Dark.

    I personally think it's better than Fever...
  8. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Not really, those two are the more standout tracks, the rest are pop with a bit of RnB-ness. Don't go in expecting anything discotastic, or Fever Part 2. Of the three albums you mentioned, I'd rate Lights Years as the best followed by Body Language. They're both far more consistent than Fever I think.
  9. Still_FMW

    Still_FMW Guest

    Re: General Kylie discussion

    I like X a lot. Does that make a difference?
  10. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Fever isn't consistent as an album of songs but for some reason it just works. Kylie channeling Kraftwerk was fresh at the time and Can't Get You Out Of My Head is a career defining song. It's certainly, for me, one of her strongest and most underrated albums next to Impossible Princess.
  11. Still_FMW

    Still_FMW Guest

    Re: General Kylie discussion

    I thought Fever was very highly rated by pretty much everyone
  12. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Not to me it doesn't! I know some fans do like X but as a Kylie fan myself, I think it's a bit too overstylised and lacking in good solid pop songs. I like about three tracks off it and the rest are just a bit too cold and dull sounding for my liking.

    I've never got that from people but I would hope it was highly rated. It's a great moment in pop music. And Kylie's performances for it were really well thought out and she went for them with gusto - who could forget her amazing BRITs performance when she was ejected out of a giant CD player to sing a bootleg of her smash hit's spiritual mother? Compare that to that passionless performance of Wow at the same awards show. There's no competition.
  13. Still_FMW

    Still_FMW Guest

    Re: General Kylie discussion

    No no. lol what I mean is you don't like Body Language or X. I like X a lot, so am I more likely to like Body Language?
  14. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Fever is her most successful album but it's not her best. If you do become a fan and find the time to sit down and make your own versions of Kylie's album with B-sides, leaks and bonus tracks, you'll probably like it a whole lot more. Since I have no life, I've made my own track lists and in some cases album covers for my iPod.
  15. Re: General Kylie discussion

    I prefer Body Language to Fever but I prefer X to Body Language.
  16. debord

    debord Guest

    Re: General Kylie discussion

    I love 'Light Years'. I think it's the perfect Kylie album, acknowledging her pure pop past and her camp following while having a post-modern intelligence and wit to it. In my mind I believe 'Fever' and 'Body Language' to be 'alright', but I couldn't even tell you the last time I listened to any album tracks from them.
  17. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Lights Years and Body Language are the only ones I can really listen to all the way through. I find myself skipping more songs on Fever than on X too. I loved Fever at the time but now I just think, doesn't anyone realise some of those songs are really not very good? I don't know if it's because they're inevitably going to fall short when sat on a tracklisting next to the Fever singles and they're not as good by comparison, or if they're just not good at all, but I suspect the latter. If you like X then I'd say Fever is the most X-like, and Body Language the least.
  18. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Loving Days has to be one of my most favourite album tracks ever.I had a whole video for it planned in my head! It had lots of blue, and black, and see through sheets and a whole lot more.
  19. Re: General Kylie discussion

    The video I had in my head was Kylie as a statue miming along to the words. Throughout the song, weeds and vines would grow all over her and during the epic middle-bit, flowers and stuff would bloom from the vines covering her. And so on.
  20. Re: General Kylie discussion

    In mines, she was set in Paris in the 1930's, at a party where you have those eloquent face masks (the ones you hold in one hand) and she be with a young unnamed lover have the time, and there would be diving into a sea bit, and it's set at night.

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