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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Sex Kylie as an anthropologist
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  2. We are so used to seeing a Kardashian photoshop job, that when the real thing is presented it's assumed to have been manipulated.

    Sad Kylie had to post that.
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  3. Good on her. That post really made me smile.
  4. Me too.
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  5. Me too. I thought it was a shadow but wasn’t going to start a PJ flame war.
  6. Kylie dragging her fans is iconic.

    Drag your whining fans a bit more, Queen of being a little minx.
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  7. When she called out a critic over her "Minogue eyebrow" is a particular favorite of mine.
  8. I love it when she's shows that side, because it's still done in a classy way and comes out of (not into) the blue.
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  9. Very well put and said.
  10. I think he quickly deleted his account afterwards
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  11. Follwer Fail for sure must’ve be a Janet Jackson song title at some point.
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  12. How did people get Rippin' Up The Disco when X came out? I heard that you had to go to and do something there, but would that still be possible today (I just ordered that edition of X)?
  13. When you'd put the X CD (or USB) in the computer you'd get a link to a bonus section of her official site where you could download the MP3 - not sure but I think a WAV option was available too?
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  14. I know lots of people will disagree with me here but when I watch the "All The Lovers" video I feel like I am experiencing THE definite Kylie moment. Like everything that came before it was leading up to that video, that song, that moment. Timeless. And Perfect. In every way imaginable.

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  15. I like chanting out the 'fuego, fuego, fuego' bit in Los Amores.
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  16. I bought that edition of X too and couldn't do the website thing (that was 5 years ago). I don't think it works anymore.
  17. Oh wow, I guess I have no way of getting it now. Too bad because it's one of my favorite tracks too.
  18. I watched KylieX2008 yesterday for the first time in a very long while, and have to say I still love that tour so much. The setlist was fresh, the costumes, visuals and sound all spot on.... I also think Kylie was at her best vocally. I hope she uses this as a reference point for next year.
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