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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. All The Lovers is quintessentially Kylie in every way, right down the fashion choices and giant love orgy in the video.
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  2. All the Lovers is Kylie in a nutshell. Glorious, ethereal, and uplifting pop with a slight tinge of sadness to it.

  3. Better than 70% of that album.
  4. Next year is the 10 year anniversary of X, maybe we can finally get all the unreleased gems and B-Sides plonked on iTunes or in a boxset?
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  5. Impossible Princess 2.0, please.
  6. I think you mean next month? Even so, I'm very doubtful that we'll get any sort of official recognition aside from a Kylie Twitter/Instagram post.
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  7. Was it 2007?!!! FUCK

    Seeing as Kylie Christmas isn't happening this year, maybe now would be the perfect time?
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  8. How has it been 10 years since X, Change, Tangled Up and the Spice greatest hits.

    I was in pop heaven during the latter months of that year.
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  9. At long LAST we could have All I See (Feat. Mims) [Extended mix]
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  10. In the words of Girls Aloud 'Life got cold'...

    Save us Kylie.
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  11. EEK! 10 years? Just madness!
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  12. It really doesn't feel that long ago! I have a vivid memory of listening to X and Tangled Up for the first time back to back (and thinking the latter was definitely the better album)!

    And I remember watching the Headlines video for the first time on Top of the Pops (I think!) and thinking it was utter shite.
  13. Mad to think that 10 years ago this Tuesday, the 2 Hearts video along with the song itself, was first premiered!
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  14. Other memories of when the X era was starting…

    - PJ announcing 2 Hearts and making reference to the Phil Collins song.
    - Seeing the album tracklist and being outraged that White Diamond wasn't on there.
    - Genuinely liking 2 Hearts and being surprised by the negative reaction.
    - Snippets of the album tracks appearing online and everyone goings nuts over Wow (me included).
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  15. I can still remember when X was announced-the excitement for me was just too much!
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  16. When Mylo threw his toys out the pram.
    The X medley.
    The Kylie Show.
    White Diamond documentary at Vue Cinemas.
    The cute AF USB stick.
    Kylie on X Factor, and the dancer that missed drop kicking her live on TV by a ballhair.
  17. Aww, The Kylie Show! Shame there's not been a Kylie TV Special since.
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  18. I remember the Wow video was supposed to be premiered on channel 4 too and they pulled it for some reason.
  19. I even vividly remember buying the Wow CD singles from HMV and loving the b-sides!
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  20. Due to the original edit apparently containing too much flash photography that could trigger epilepsy I think.
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