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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Wasn't it as it had too much strobe lighting which could cause seizures or something?
  2. That too! The Wow-Sides, are amongst her best ever for me! Better than a fair few than what made X itself personally.
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  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I distinctly remember this USB stick costing £28 the week it came out at HMV.

    Vinyl hew?
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  4. Not to mention Blackout.
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    You're spoiling us with all these goodies.
  6. I felt like changing my X artwork after 10 years, so I made this[​IMG]
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  7. X has some of her finest artwork and I don't care who knows it. The glammed up Leigh Bowery club kid theme was just so spot on.
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  8. LOVE it! This was the best photo from the X era for me, by the way.
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  9. Did anybody pre-order The Other Boys on vinyl? I'm sure I did, but I can't seem to find any confirmation email, and I'm not even sure when it was released.
  10. Thank you! It's mine too, I bought this version of the Wow single too because I liked the cover so much better than the other black ones.
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  11. Found this while browsing some sites -


    - I do love the Hits+ cover and whole aesthetic we ended up with, but I do adore this photoshoot.

    It's still apparently "coming soon" on most sites.

  12. Oh my, this is STUNNING. I've only ever seen the black Hits+ cover before, was this the first version/different territory or something?

    I remember fawning over Hits+ but left it in the music shop because I didn't have enough money from my paper round... then bought the other similar "Confide In Me" compilation a year or two later (which if I remember was just a shot from the Breathe video wasn't it?).
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  13. That was an advert in Attitude magazine for Hits+, though that cover was never released. I love it, in fact I love most of her Decon photoshoots. I wish she’d go back to that rather than the pretty but uninteresting shoots we get these days.
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  14. Made up of a bunch of little Kylie’s


    I had this one too bough for a rather reasonable £2.99 from WH Smith’s. It was my introduction to Impossible Princess era Kyle too
  15. This was the original cover for the album before Kylie intervened and got it changed. It also had a slightly different tracklist as well.
  16. Say this a lot but wish I had been more "consumed" with Kylie in 2000 or at least from the IP era onward, so much was going on. I literally lived and breathed what was fed to me through the Light Years campaign (13 year old me was shook enough) but I wasn't on any Kylie fan sites etc. T

    hink it was a docu that aired on T4 just as Head got released that let me know Your Disco was a single in Germany. Furiously spent the afternoon downloading the video off Kazaa on dial up, much to my parents fury.

    Thanks, do we know why? Did she veto unheard material? Also odd the cover change, she looks stun hun on it!
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  17. Yes, I never got Hits+, but did get that one instead. A fairly good little compilation that and a good way to begin my way in to the Decon era as well like you said.
  18. I’ve fallen in love with “light Years” track . This would have been an awesome single instead of your disco needs you
  19. Not certain, but I think I've seen that it was meant to have 'Aston Martin' and 'When Are You Coming Home' on it but were replaced with 'Gotta Move On' and 'Difficult By Design'?
  20. It's quite funny how Hits+ still managed to outsell Impossible Princess in the UK I believe.
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