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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I describe the X project in a similar way to Rebel Heart - by no means a perfect album, but what a fucking ERA.
  2. So many Kylie milestones coming up in the last quarter of the year:

    22nd October-20 years since Impossible Princess first released.
    9th November-10th anniversary of 2 Hearts.
    26th November-10th anniversary of X.
    November-25 years since Kylie released her final single with PWL, Celebration.
    29th December-30th anniversary of I Should Be So Lucky.
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  3. Speaking of Hits+ is there an alternate version of Take Me With You? I’m sure I’ve heard a version with more ‘tribal’ sounds during that instrumental bit in the middle
  4. I remember getting Hits + at FYE in the states for $1.99. Didn't care for most of it at the time, and still don't enjoy the "unreleased" bits.
  5. Both scrapped and released artworks are dire.

  6. Active-for-decades singer has lots of past activities.
  7. Sadly just a rumour, Aston Martin and When Are You Coming Home? were never intended for release on Hits+!
    Here's the original tracklisting for the compilation. The cover went through a few changes too:

    As you can see, it originally focused more on unreleased material from Kylie Minogue 94 (Love is On the Line, Light That I Was Looking For, For All I'm Worth), before Kylie vetoed them in favour of releasing material she was prouder of from Impossible Princess (Stay This Way, This Girl, Take Me With You). This Girl was actually a song taken from Kylie's personal collection of her own music, as I believe that Deco couldn't find it elsewhere. She was also strongly opposed to having Where Is the Feeling on the compilation in its original form, requesting that they instead release the Dolphin Mix.

    There is a version that was released on a random compilation album, it's shorter than the Hits+ version with a runtime of 6:34 compared to 9:11.
  8. There was an edit made especially for the Wicked Women charity CD. Possibly that?
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  9. Found this from Wikipedia that I didn't know about Take Me With You:

    The drum sample that runs throughout the whole song "Take Me with You" was originally performed on the song "Path of the Right Love" from Gloria Estefan's 1996 album Destiny. The use of the sample remains uncredited.
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  10. Very possible yes, I honestly don’t remember where I heard it. Thanks for the info and once again god bless this forum and it’s encyclopaedic knowledge of my queen.
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  11. And very glad she has too!
  12. Oh my God, I forgot about This Girl. That song sounds so sonic ally far away from I Should Be So Lucky, it would be like stretching from the Earth to Pluto.

  13. Indeed, talk about an evolution.
  14. This Girl is Top10 Kylie for me.
  15. It's not one I listen too as much as I should, but I do love her more laid bare vocal on it. Feels so personal this track.
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  16. And on another note Enjoy Yourself was released 28 years ago today! I have amazing memories from this time getting the cassette and knowing half the songs already from radio previews. I still love this album despite some popular opinion on some of the ballads...... Hard to beat great POP as SAW were well into their purple patch commercially.
  17. I bloody love that little country twang in the chorus.
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  18. Here is where I stand
    Here is who I am
    And I'm not interested in
    Fitting in I only want to be
    To be this girl

    This song completely sums up who Kylie was during that era. What a magical track, it’s a gorgeous closer.
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  19. No thanks to Aston Martin. Difficult by design is a personal favourite though.
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  20. Ray


    This is the first time ever I hear about this song.

    It's clear Kylie has more unreleased than released songs, but I am curious if it's twice as many or closer to ten times as many.
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