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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Kazaa and dial up, oh the memories. I remember waiting all day for music videos to download from there only for them to end up being straight porn. No me gusta buddy!
  2. Ray


    ...while 99% users had the exact opposite problem.
  3. It was another Rapino Brothers track that leaked last year.
  4. I think all the known Rapino Brother tracks are out there now.
  5. I love Hits+. It's the greatest hits compilation that gets the most plays from me.
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  6. I have such fond childhood memories of getting this album. Even the track listing on the sleeve not matching the order of the cassette couldn't lessen my love for it
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  7. Oh happy birthday poor somewhat unloved album!


    Have always enjoyed it since my first listen, so many decent songs on it. Hand On Your Heart being my favourite SAW single of Kylie's and also theirs in general, and the title track-what a BOP that truly is!
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  8. Oh that might be why all the track names were messed up when I imported the cd many years ago, had to manually change then.

    Oh and the album gets plenty of love from me, yes, even the ballads!
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  9. Poor Enjoy Yourself, lead single and title track alone- the album was doomed given that SAW’s efforts had all gone towards Donna Summer in ‘89.
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  10. And Sonia kii
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  11. The vocals on the Enjoy Yourself ballads are just brilliant. Tell Tale Signs is especially good and a favourite of mine.
  12. I will never ever stop stanning Never Too Late. A favourite SAW era Kylie track of mine

    Enjoy Yourself is made even better when you add We Know The Meaning Of Love

    To me Tears On My Pillow is low key great
  13. We Know The Meaning Of Love suddenly hit me with its greatness only a few months ago, and can't believe I never really took to it sooner. Brilliant song especially the bit that says "some rules are for breaking", surely a reference to The Delinquents?
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  14. Wasn't half of Enjoy Yourself part of a scrapped Delinquents OST?
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  15. I think I read that once too. I guess at that time it made more sense for a full blown new Kylie studio album instead. Though guess it could have doubled up as it's Soundtrack too.
  16. Britney Spears 3rd album mess teas.
  17. I must admit, it's been ages since I saw The Delinquents in full! Quite liked it though from what I recall.
  18. Every time Enjoy Yourself gets mentioned I feel compelled to mention that rumour I once heard that Heaven And Earth is about recycling. It’s seriously off putting when you can’t un-hear it
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  19. Pete Waterman himself has said that, I believe?
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  20. Indeed! Shame as it's quite a good song. But yes that preachy aspect of it is a bit naft all the same.
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