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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Oh, I'm popping in here to let you know that I heard Better The Devil You Know in a gay bar once months ago and I was LIVING. The rest of the bar didn't know the song and I have truly never been more ashamed of gays.
  2. Ray


  3. The same thing happened to me, only replace 'Devil' with 'Your Disco Needs You'. I was totally jamming out, but no one else seemed to really recognize the song. I guess it was too 'deep cut' for them?

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  4. Light years back in stock at sainsbury!!
  5. Only 1 or 2 copies in some stores. It’s not like it’s had a massive restock.
  6. I really do need to try and find this!
  7. They had 4 copies in Truro store. I quickly messaged as was pouring with rain just to get the word out if no one was aware. Didnt have chance to check if anyone had posted about it was just trying to be helpful.
  8. It is just good to know it is still out somewhere.
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  9. Just raced to my local store but no such luck.
  10. I think if I really and truly had to pick out of the 4, would say the special. Pure 90s dance floor class.
  11. I shall make another attempt tomorrow. I need this vinyl in my collection.
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  12. Better The Devil You Know is my all time favourite Kylie song, I cannot fathom somebody not getting it. It's flawless.
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  13. It's probably because I simply don't have any sort of connection to it. I get that the elderly #Golden gays who grew up with it love it, but "all time favourite Kylie song" still seems a bit much to me, considering there are songs like Confide In Me, Slow or CGYOOMH. But hey, I think it's amazing how almost every Kylie fan seems to have different favourites.

    This morning, Robbie Williams joined Kyle and Jackie O on air for a catch up.

    In true Robbie style, he was joking from the start, and when he brought our beloved Kylie Minogue into the mix, we hoped he wasn’t joking.

    It turns out, Robbie Williams has collaborated with Kylie once again! Cheeky Robbie revealed that they had recorded a song, Disco Symphony, together and that he’s ‘keeping it in his back pocket to deploy at the right time.’
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  15. You too will one day be "elderly", only could the gays consider someone in their 30s elderly haha. Also, at least this elderly has the amazing BTDYK to listen to in his nursing home. I of course jest before anyone takes this too seriously.
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  16. I love Confide In Me (and the video) but...sis.
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  17. I’m a young gay™️ and I “get” BTDYK. I think it just boils down to if you like it or not, and that’s fine. Like age and connection don’t factor for me... I was born the year it was released. For me it’s a brilliant pop track... I can throw it on and sing/dance my heart out and it never gets old

    Thankfully Kylie has 30 years of material for us to all obsess over and love
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  18. What are the need to hear b-sides and demos from the Body Language - KMO eras?
    • "Soul On Fire"
    • "Almost A Lover"
    • "Cruise Control"
    • "B.P.M."
    • "Made Of Glass"
    • "Carried Away"
    • "Cherry Bomb"
    • "Sparks"
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