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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Re: General Kylie discussion

    I personally think BODY LANGUAGE is hugely underrated. Yes, there was some shit on it like AFTER DARK and OBSSESSION but the rest was very very good, in my opinion.

    Before the album came out I remember Music Week hyping STILL STANDING, which made me think it might be a single (a fact corroborated by it being the opener for the MONEY CAN'T BUY promo gig in London) so I was always disappointed that it didn't see the light of day as such. It is SUCH a great song and I am glad that not much was changed from the original Alexis Strum version which was near-perfect.

    SLOW is and I think will continue to be a pure classic Kylie track even though most of the world was divided over it 2Hearts-stylee when it came out because it was so different to the Fever output.

    Chocolate, whilst mainly getting awfully bad press on PJ and the PJ boards, is actually a great track, in my book, and one which worked even better when she made a video for it, which channeled late 1980s Kate Bush imagery.

    Lordy lord, I could go on and on and on and on. Which reminds me - I FEEL FOR YOU was also mint.

    The record certainly had more of a consistent feel to it than X.
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  2. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Someday was strange.Ever so strange.
  3. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Strange in a good way or strange in a bad way?

    I have always liked it.
  4. Re: General Kylie discussion

    I actually find Light Years to be one of her weakest albums. I understand why she recorded it and of course considering the sales of her previous album why she went back to pure pop but coming after Impossible Princess (which I still listen to even now) it was such a crushing offering.

    My sister favours Light Years over any other Kylie album past and present though.
  5. Ray


    Re: General Kylie discussion

    I used to love Light Years but I played it recently and it's so... dunno. I can't point out any weakness yet I end up skipping everything apart from "On A Night Like This", "Butterfly" and the title track. Maybe I became less gay in the last few years or something.

    I found Fever disappointing. Some tracks are amazing. "Give It 2 Me" *chuckle* though was the first Kylie track I hated. I'd even prefer to listen to ten remixes of "Celebration" in a row.

    Never liked BL and that hasn't changed. Slow is brilliant. Still Standing is great. Three okay tracks follow. Then from RBL onwards it's a dirge. It's her Hard Candy I guess, only minus the US success.

    As for X, I haven't played the original tracklisting so long that I can't actually remember certain songs at all. Which, in case of "Nu-Di-Ty" or "All I See", is a good thing.

    My favourite Kylie albums are actually both Deconstruction ones. The ballads on KM94 are yet to be bettered. (Whoever thinks "Loving Days" is half as good as "Put Yourself In My Place" needs to have their ears cleaned.)

    Haha, I just realised the last Kylie record I fully appreciate was five albums ago. Damn! I must be getting old and cranky.
  6. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Strange in a Kylie-conceptual way.
  7. Re: General Kylie discussion

    'X' has made me love 'Body Language' lots and lots more. I refuse to psychoanalyze myself as to why, though.

    I like the new video, but the long hair looks like straw. Is that all the rage these days?
  8. Re: General Kylie discussion

    I never got 'Still standing' I love the lyrics, I just found it a bit tuneless. 'Impossible princess' is her most consistent album for me, well it would be if the single version of 'Breathe' were on there, the album version just sounds too slow. 'Light years' is a great FUN!!!!! album, the best thing about every track is that you imediately could see in your head the video/live performance of it, whereas 'Fever' you couldn't give a monkeys about 'give it to me' 'fragile' or 'dancefloor' they were just 'there' and were fairly joyless. Likewise most of 'Body language'. I actually think that album sounds much better live. 'After dark' and 'Obsession' are considerably better beefed up for the stage. X is 'just another Kylie album' like 'Hard candy' s 'just another Madonna record'.
  9. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Have to admit I really don't like "Body Language" at all. There are only three songs on the album I'll actually listen to, the rest is just- well, boring. I do, however, love "Light Years". I really dig the overall campiness of it. "Disco Down" off it is utterly amazing and really deserved a release.
  10. Re: General Kylie discussion

    I really like Fever - Fragile's one of my favourite Kylie tracks. I think it's the album that will be looked back on the most favourably in the future. Even allowing for some of the weaker songs it just captures a brilliant pop singer at her peak.
  11. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Fever, Light Years and Impossible Princess all feature quite highly in my all time Top 20 albums.
  12. !GiveIt2Me!

    !GiveIt2Me! Guest

    Re: General Kylie discussion

    Is Will Baker the reason Kylie's never been married?????

    Or is it Kylie herself?
  13. Re: General Kylie discussion

    That's rubbish. Every girl has her gay, doesn't stop them from getting married.

    Nobody knows the reason why she's not married. Maybe the stars just haven't aligned for her.
  14. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Your posts are un-necessary and slightly vile, GiveIt2Me...

    I revisited 'Body language' today and still can't stand it. The only songs I don't hate on there are 'Still standing, 'Red blooded woman' and 'Slow'. IU don't know if Kylie's ever made an album that I'd cite as one of my favourites of all time (whereas in comparison Pink has two albums in my all time top ten and Kylie ranks higher in my favourite artists) but my favourite Kylie albums would be 'Light years' and 'Fever'.
  15. !GiveIt2Me!

    !GiveIt2Me! Guest

    Re: General Kylie discussion

    Well what other reason does a beautiful and famous woman have for not being married, NEVER being married at 40!? Celebs are usually married once if not more by that point.
  16. Re: General Kylie discussion

    a) She hasn't found Mr Right
    b) She's too career focused
    c) She doesn't believe in marriage
    d) She's a lesbian
  17. !GiveIt2Me!

    !GiveIt2Me! Guest

    Re: General Kylie discussion

  18. Re: General Kylie discussion

    So Kylie should agree to invest her future life in a man even if she may not be 100% certain that she wants to spend the rest of her life with on the grounds that she's sold a lot of records and people recognise her on the street?
  19. Re: General Kylie discussion

    Exactly. Let's start a petition "We want Kylie to get married" and see if we have more luck than the countless "Release *insert obscure song here* as a single" petitions.
  20. Re: General Kylie discussion

    The other side of the complaint (is it Will Baker's fault?) may prove more popular if moulded into a question. Start a petition for Kylie to take out a court order preventing Will baker from coming within 100 metres of her. That would get at least a dozen signatures on here.
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