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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I'm so craving a Kylie concert right now, despite the fact I've never been to one.
  2. I keep thinking that On a Night Like This would go lovely with the instrumental from Kygo’s Firestone.

    Someone do that please.
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  3. A Kylie concert would just be everything right now.
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  4. The Cowboy Style love made my heart grow 3 sizes.

    Cowboy Style, Did It Again and Too Far can hold their own against anything in Kylie’s discography. ANYTHING!!! (eyes Can’t Get You Out Of My Head nervously).

    The Trouser Enthusiasts’ Goddess of Contortion Remix of Did It Again is my all time favourite Kylie remix.
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  6. Cowboy Style was the immediate standout for me from the start. It was fresh (still remains so), memorable, and decidedly different from everything else. The argument that the song was too pop as a lead single doesn’t really hold water in my opinion. Come on, as much as I enjoy Some Kind Of Bliss, it’s pop through and through, dressed up as alt-pop. Cowboy Style really is a lost classic.
  7. I'm still mad that Cowboy Style was cut out of the Golden Tour.
  8. We wouldn't want to scare the Patsys who came for Especially For You!

    I'm glad we got this gem, though. This and Light Years / Turn It Into Love had incredible arrangements.
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  9. Okay but we can't talk about Cowboy Style live renditions without mentioning this version:

    Ended E****m!
  10. Kylie wanted 'Limbo' as the lead release, Steve Anderson wanted 'Jump', the label wanted 'Some Kind Of Bliss'.

    I'm not sure 'Cowboy Style' would've done any better but it definitely deserved more attention, as did 'Too Far'.
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  11. I think Cowboy style would have at least gone top 20. I reckon about #11.
  12. From the guy who created the debut album ‘hair hat’...


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  13. IP is always going to be niche Kylie. There was nothing commercial about it and that's fine.

    I love Say Hey and I wish they had given it the remix treatment as I think it would have worked really well with the 90s club sound of the time.

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  14. Music was incredibly eclectic in the late 90s but every genre seemed to be infused with a pop sensibility. After the Grunge years Brit Pop made it cool to like songs with choruses again. Within the space of a year (late '97 into '98) we had Ray of Light, From The Choirgirl Hotel, Homogenic, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, Butterfly and Heather Nova's Siren (speaking of lost classics) and they all went for the jugular with the first single. Frozen, Spark, Joga, Thank U, Honey, London Rain. Even Dannii had a massive single in 1997 (All I Wanna Do).

    Record labels and music journalists were obsessed with credibility in the 90s and it was always kind of nebulous. If Some Kind of Bliss was a choice Breathe was the sound of Deconstruction ritually disembowelling Impossible Princess with a sword! Having said that, Impossible Princess was a brilliant album and a brilliant era, even if it wasn't a commercial success. So thank you Deconstruction.
  15. I never knew it was on the original setlist. It would have been great to hear because the band on Golden was great.
  16. I love backstory stuff like this, an autobiography at some point really would be great
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  17. The transition from Cowboy style into Finer Feelings is so sublime, it gives me chills every single time.
  18. Awww, this is genius!
  19. Ive just spent the night on Wii Kylie Sing and Dance. Euphoric!
  20. That game always looked so much fun!!
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