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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The video mix of Chocolate is probably my favorite version because of the intro and extra sound effects.
  2. Hmm, to me Color My Life would've made an excellent second single, followed by Chocolate as the 3rd single and Red Blooded Woman as the 4th. I think it's phenomenal.
  3. City Games did it better.
  4. I don't know a Colour My Life.
  5. As I remember (i read it somewhere) Color My Life was not 100% recorded, only a part of the this real?
  6. Both versions?
  7. Maybe! (Not the exact same vibe for me but both great.)
  8. There’s another version that hasn’t leaked yet that I’ve heard. The production is different and it sounds like an X outtake.

    Nope, it was recorded in full.
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  9. Colour My Life is such a cute little bop. It’s fun and funky. It would have fit perfectly alongside the electro R&b songs like Secret.

    I love Body Language as it is, but I’d love them to raid the vaults so we could make our own tracklistings. One more electronic R&b and one more sensual and moody like Chocolate and Someday.
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  10. I only did a demo version. Xx
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  11. Congrats indeed! Still going strong almost 20 years on.
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  12. I'm aware I'm saying this, and ultimately it's good it wasn't used, but I liked Luda's rap on Chocolate.
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  13. Perfect plug for the Anti Rate - 19th April!
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  14. Dontjokeaboutthat.gif

    A big regret of mine is I didn’t try hard enough to find away to go watch it

    (Also where do y’all hear this unreleased stuff? My Stan card found useless)
  15. a true Moment in pop history
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  16. I'd love "Feels So Good," "Golden Boy," "If Only," and "Miss A Thing"—if she never includes it on a Disco tour setlist.
  17. Don't even say that!
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  18. Same here, always wished I could have gone to seen this amazing show, but alas wasn't meant to be. Hopefully there will be another chance one day though!!
  19. Mine would be:

    Where is the Feeling (BIR Dolphin Mix)
    Did it Again
    Feels so Good
    Too Much of a Good Thing
    Love Takes Over Me
    Count The Days
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