Kylie Minogue

I was playing Can't Get You Out Of My Head the other day, and although it's not my favourite Kylie single/song, there's no denying it's classic status and has aged very well. Would love a 7" vinyl of it for it's 20th anniversary later in the year.
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he / him
Alok is releasing a horrible remix of Can't Get You Out of My Head next month. Homophobia at its finest.

The worry is that if one of these becomes a hit then the subsequent tour version ends up a hybrid arrangement of it.
I actually quite like the arrangement, tbh. It's the male vocal that I can't get behind—I do appreciate that they didn't change the pronouns for the cover though. I wouldn't mind Kylie using a similar arrangement sometime in the future, but I can't imagine it'd be the arrangement that they use during the Disco tour when it eventually happens.
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But I was writing to text and was typing Kylie. And my auto type was suggesting the other Kylie.
Now I'm mad at my phone.

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That version of Head is actually OK.