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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. It looks like a throwback to the 50s/60s!
  2. Wasn't Enjoy Yourself's entire aesthetic built around the 50s / 60s? I assume that that's the era this promo shot was from.
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  3. Was playing one of my many Kylie playlist via Amazon Music earlier, and noticed that Better The Devil You Know, seems to be now wrongly uploaded to nothing but The Abbey Road Sessions version everywhere on it as opposed to the original! Have made them aware of it to hopefully fix it, streaming is such a pain at times.
  4. Even on the single EP? That's weird.
  5. Amazon often have errors. There was a track that I was trying to play, can't remember which, that one all releases would play DOA - You Spin Me Round instead.
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  6. Yep all of them, not the first time I've seen errors too, but this is by far the worst for me.
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  7. That’s a reason I still download and buy physical cds to rip to my library. I hate that wrong versions are tagged or disappear overnight etc. Of course I use streaming too but I’m too much of a stickler to detail to rely only on that form of music!
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  8. Physical music has wrong songs / mistakes too.
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  9. For example most Fever CDs come with “Give It to Me” as part of the tracklist.
  10. Equally as horrifying, I noticed the other day that all versions of Take Me With You on Spotify are the intimate and live version.
  11. Is it a mistake then?
  12. Also Amazon music is... Amazon music. It was set up in a week when Bezos decided he wanted a share of the streaming pie. Of course it's sloppy.
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  13. And forced upon Prime members with an extra premium you had no choice in.
  14. For about a week in late 2019, the version of "Can't Get You Out of My Head" playing on Step Back in Time was the slightly longer punchier mix with the additional dotty synth on the outro. Then it went back to normal LP version.
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  15. Me wincing every time I played the ‘audio issue plagued’ Whenever You Feel Like It on the Fever rerelease.
  16. not on my Spotify. I’m in the uk.

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  17. Was this released somewhere else? I don't think I've ever heard it.
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  18. Still annoying though!
  19. The version of All I See on Spotify is a travesty.
  20. The one on Itunes cuts off when the rapping from Mims starts. Is it the same on Spotify?
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