Kylie Minogue

On Amazon Music at least, Impossible Princess seems to be only available via the 3 Originals set and not by itself or it's 2003 re issue. Very odd. Least can still listen to it though suppose.
We don’t have the originals series on Spotify at all here and the Hits+ version is the live one.

The biggest travesty of all, however, is the complete absence of the Big Brothers mix of Confide and the BIR Soundtrack of Where is the Feeling?

I’m trying to embrace streaming, I really am. But there are so many tracks missing by so many of my favourite artists.

On my Spotify I have a 24-track version of KM94 that is a joy to listen to. Includes the Big Brother mix.

I also want to listen to the WITF remixes but it seems they only exist on low quality YouTube videos or buying it second hand.
I’ve created my own version of Impossible Princess that just works for me. The order, the styles and yes… the omissions! It’s perfect.

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Did It Again missing…we will be having words.