Kylie Minogue

Light Years works better for me. Yes, Fever is perhaps stylistically 'cooler' in sound, production and visuals but Light Years has a lot more warmth about it. It's very kitch, it's very pop, it's very fun. It plays to her strengths and I prefer her vocals on it too. As mentioned already, Fever felt like the time we started to get really nasally vocals from Kylie, especially on the Come Into My World single mix (to my ears the album version was always superior).

That said, I think both albums are far from perfect and carry a few duds.
I always remember prior to hearing it that the single mix of Cone into my world would be beefed up a bit and make it less of a retread of Can't Get... but it actually made it even more paper thin. Most pointless single version ever.
I never owned the original 2001 pressing of Fever, so not familiar with the original version of Come Into My World must admit. The single mix, is actually my favourite of all the era's 4 singles.
Fix it! It puts the inferior single version to shame!


Also, the only flaw that can be detected on Fever is that all the bonus tracks/B-sides aren't part of the main album. It's one of the greatest collections in the history of music for me.