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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I never owned the original 2001 pressing of Fever, so not familiar with the original version of Come Into My World must admit. The single mix, is actually my favourite of all the era's 4 singles.
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  2. Fix it! It puts the inferior single version to shame!


    Also, the only flaw that can be detected on Fever is that all the bonus tracks/B-sides aren't part of the main album. It's one of the greatest collections in the history of music for me.
  3. Thanks for the link, and yes, Fever as a whole package, is just great stuff all round.
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  4. Light Years is one of my favourite Kylie albums, but I can totally understand people not vibeing with it. Let’s be honest, Loveboat and Koocachoo are examples of very…niche camp pop songs, I love them but it makes sense that others wouldn’t.
  5. Doesn't the single mix of "Come Into My World" exist because the original album version was largely incomplete due to it being a last minute submission, hence the Cathy Dennis-heavy vocals?
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  6. There is something so intentionally camp and fun in the lyrics of Loveboat and Koocachoo that I love. In my opinion they’re a lot more successful than Please Stay which was a formula-chasing pop song.
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  7. HMD


  8. Give me Light Years over Disco any day of the week.
  9. Doubt it - if they were worried about Cathy Dennis vocals, they wouldn't have let out the Fischerspooner mix as it is, with the Cathy solo lines (that Kylie mimed along to on TOTP). Kylie is all over the original album mix anyway, but belts it out, rather than the whispery vocals of the single mix - which she went on to use repeatedly on Body Language - but to me it doesn't fit the Fever album as much as the original.
  10. The Fischerspooner mix of Come Into My World, is easily one of her best remixes for me. Love this:
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  11. Love this one too!
  12. The Abbey Road version of Come into my world is my favourite.
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  13. My favourite all round from The Abbey Road Sessions this as it happens.
  14. I will never understand the hatred for Dancefloor. It's a cute bop!
  15. Hatred is a strong word, I rarely remember it and that is the problem with it.
  16. My problem with the single release of "Come into My World" was that there were no b-sides, just some live tracks to promote the KylieFever2002 DVD (and completely redundant if you got the DVD with the bonus audio disc). For me I felt like I was just buying it for completism.
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  17. Flop fan. I've only just listened to the original album version of Come Into My World. It's vastly superior!
  18. I love both but I wish they kept the longer intro on the single mix, there was no need to cut it.
  19. It’s a shame Alone Again was scrapped as originally planned.
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  20. Isn't the original album version of CIMW mostly Cathy Dennis? If I recall correctly, there are a few lines that sound likely like her and not Kylie.
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