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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I love how Kylie has a similar vocal delivery to Madonna's in the verses to Alone Again.
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  2. Was it though? That always felt like The Sun making a story out of a song title. How many times have we read a story from them about A List singer's new comeback single and the source is a song title that fans discovered on ASCAP or was name-dropped by a co-writer in a casual interview.
  3. It is! That version started disapearing on later editions of the album.
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  4. This is soooo good to see after all these years.
    Interesting to note that she’s performing to a slightly different (better?) mix.
  5. wow loved that. Thank you. She looked stunning during this era
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  6. Such an interesting watch, she looked stunning here and then some. Totally worlds apart from the Cute Kylie image of just a couple years ago.
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  7. That intro was in some of the 12" mixes of the song, I wish they kept in the single version as well, it sounds so good.
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  8. It really does.
  9. Step Back In Time, is truly of the best Kylie singles for me.
  10. There is a clip of the song in White Diamond, also Kylie talked about it.
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  11. At no point in White Diamond did they say "and this was supposed to be a double A-side with "Come into My World"".
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  12. RJF


    "Come Into My World" is one of Kylie's best ever tracks. It's just so... lovely.
  13. Are there different versions of it on the various Fever variants then? I didn’t know that.
  14. And the music video is phenomenal, too.
  15. Early pressings have the 4:30 version, then once it became a single it's the 4:05 version on later pressings.

    Interestingly, some releases from the 2010s have the 4:30 length according to Discogs.
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  17. Going back to my original point - I never implied the song didn't exist, just that it was the press who reported it was going to be a double A-side. Nobody from Kylie's team confirmed any of this was ever a thing.

    And therefore, it's an example of a song title becoming known about and the press making a story out of it.
  18. Oh wow I didn’t know. Mine is the 4:05 version. Sad face.
  19. "I don't think Madonna has ever given a song to another artist," Kylie.

    I don't think we can just blame the press as this is a direct Kylie quote. Sounds like Kylie's team started talking about this song, it didn't pan out in 2002 for whatever reason but it was used in 2007.
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  20. Didn't White Diamond have excertps of other unreleased songs as well? I don't remember which ones, maybe Lose Control?
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