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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Wikipedia page for the documentary has a list of all the songs used, loads of them unreleased. It seemed to be a lot of jazz-standard type songs. As a collection it would have made a great little digital release.
  2. And the story was thus "it's a double A-side on the next single release". It was the press who said that, not Kylie, Madonna, or either of their teams. I'm not disputing that Madonna giving Kylie a song isn't newsworthy, I just have never been convinced that the reporting of it was not embellished.
  3. The music video is very cool conceptually and well executed but I kind of would prefer something more glitzy for that particular song.
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  4. Not that I recall, no?

    However, Cathy is very evident on the remix (which Kylie performed once or twice).

  5. The mix used on KYLIEX2008 too.
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  6. I mean, let's be fair, Cathy is pretty evident on Toxic and Sweet Dreams My LA Ex too. I guess if her vocals blend well with the singers then why not keep them there, right?
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  7. It was going to be released on the single, who cares If it wasn’t an a side? The Sun talked about the song, a song by Madonna that was actually recorded by Kylie. So the news was real.
  8. Hopefully there's something planned for the Fever anniversary, even if it's just a digital-only reissue.
  9. Was this confirmed though? I think this is also part of what heartmightmelt is questioning.
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  10. Apart from Nick Kamen, Marilyn Martin, Gary Barlow, Donna DeLory...
  11. Just watched the Hyde Park gig on iPlayer, they've cut the technical issues part with the acapellas.
    Quite a good show. Very soild set for an hour.
  12. Kylie hasn't heard of them either.
  13. Well Kylie herself talked about it, so It was probably going to be the b-side of the last singe.
  14. I mean, Kylie has talked about lots of things over the years, its hardly concrete evidence of anything. All she ever said was that the song was written by Madonna and she recorded it. There's nothing to suggest it was going to be a b-side or a double a-side.

    Also, the song isn't all that good anyway.
  15. This has to be the most boring argument I've seen on Popjustice since the one over the bitrate of a Diana Vickers buzz track circa 2012. Let's all just move on.
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  16. This. I'm glad that "Alone Again" wasn't released as a double A-Side if there were ever plans to do so in the first place. The song is fine, but it definitely would've been the lowlight of an otherwise flawless singles run.
  17. This might be the only time in 2021 that a conversation is had with the words 'double A side' and 'B side'.
  18. Oh, I wouldn't say that...
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  19. This is a Kylie thread—we're constantly discussing b-sides.

  20. I've been rather obsessed with this the past week. So I take it this was only a bonus track for the Oz edition of Body Language?
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