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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. "Slo Motion" was on the Japanese edition as well, but it was mistitled "Slow Motion" on that edition if I remember correctly.
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  2. Lucky you, you heard the full song!
  3. Tell me why I have had All I See stuck in my head all day for no apparent reason…I deserve compensation.
  4. I really do like All I See, I would say it's in my top 3 of X to be honest.
  5. Always really liked the song too. The live acoustic version is just bliss.

  6. It's hardly upper tier Kylie but it's nice enough. The X show I went to, we got it as an extra encore acoustic and everyone clapped along like it was an old favourite.
  7. Lovely.
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  8. Had a bit of a soothing groove when this randomly came on in my local L.A. Zara dressing room yesterday during my first shopping outing since the pandemic began:

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  9. Almost as random as 'Fragile' playing at the LAX baggage claim when I was picking someone up last year.
  10. They were just playing that to keep the luggage handlers in line.
  11. My favorite version of All I See <3
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  12. I swear blind I heard

    At a waterpark in Greece years ago and I’m almost positive this isn’t a made up memory
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  13. Kylie is the greatest popstar that has ever lived.

    Just thought I’d remind you all.
  14. I love how Kylie has become the unofficial soundtrack of Zara.
  15. I heard Magic today in a Toronto grocery store. A tune!!
  16. I’ve just realised that Take Me With You has the same percussion as this - like, exactly! The start of the song begins exactly the same

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  17. It also sounds very similar to Don't Cry For Me Argentina, a couple of times I was sure I was listening to it but it turned to be actually Take Me With You
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  18. Love at First Sight on Target store radio klaxon!

    Followed by Gaga’s Eh, Eh. Their minds!
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  19. Fuckin' B.P.M. ripping the t e n d o n s out of my legs on the stairmaster yesterday.
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  20. A lost classic. I prefer it to quite a few of her other singles.
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