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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Kylie’s Parlophone era B Sides and bonus tracks are superb overall - she really did keep us well and truly fed during the early 00s.
  2. It's a shame we never got more releases like the Hits+ CD. A Parlophone release of unreleased material after she left the label would have been exquisite.
  3. I think the cancelled Vibe On Deluxe of KM94 from a few years ago would have had some unreleased stuff from that era. It's a shame it never happened as there doesn't seem to as much of a push for it now. I wonder if @Sexbox has anymore information on that. Would love to know what there is.
  4. I understand they want to focus on Kylie's career now, but I do think it's fucking ridiculous to not want all your work out there for your fans to enjoy. Kylie (and her people) know we've wanted these things for years but nope. I understand demos but not fully recorded tracks mastered and ready to go, just languishing on a hard drive?!

    The full recording of the Anti Tour not even being uploaded onto her YouTube, is a piss take.
  5. I hope once the Disco era is over that we get some reissues or unreleased material, maybe for the 35th anniversary.
    Particularly would love to hear preliminary sessions for Impossible Princess.
  6. Maybe with Madonna re-issuing her back catalogue as she is, it will inspire team Minogue to do something similar.
  7. The first step for sure is getting her remixes/single edits etc onto streaming.
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  8. I can't disclose what we were given access to but there were some phenomenal things we heard and intended to use. We wanted very little, if anything, from the previous deluxe.
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  9. It sounded excellent. Bad timing I suppose.
  10. I have my own theory that Team K dragged us along until they took over and no longer had to honor the contract. I was very angry at the time but have mellowed.
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  11. Oh wow. Has anyone posted about this??

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  12. This is epic!
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  14. BABY.
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  15. The part where she says “cruise control” in reverse >>>>
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  16. Better than I Believe In You for me gotta say.
  17. Currently listening to some classic 80s era 12" mixed/remixes via my Kylie: 80s Extended playlist. So many great extended versions:

    Especially love the later two.
  18. — me when the person in front of me on the interstate can't decide whether to go 50 or 70
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  19. How great was the Neighbours birthday on Radio 2! My highlight was hearing All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine - probably for the first time ever on the radio
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