Kylie Minogue

Slo Motion is so good. Top 5 of the era for me. I’ve replaced Promises with it. Honestly most of her co-writes were the best material of the era so it’s a shame only a few made it into the final tracklist.
Kylie is currently the cover photo for Spotify's Throwback Thursday:

It's what she deserves!

The title layout and ripped white background are giving me Three.
Outside of the singles I didn't care too much for Fever as an album collection. 20 years on the album has aged really well and as a piece of work it's really strong. Dancefloor is still a bit basic though.
Other than the singles my go to tracks from Fever are the title track, Your Love and Burning Up. Whilst I do like the album it’s nowhere near the top tier for me based on her back cat. The highs though are very high!
I’m the same it’s not in my top tier of her albums but like you say the singles are elite and a couple of amazing album tracks, Fever and Fragile for me. In Your Eyes are Love At First Sight are 2 of her best ever songs.
he / him
I feel like this snippet of the Rolling Stone review perfectly sums up why I look back on Fever so fondly:
Fast, full of old-fashioned hooks and newfangled techno hiccups, campy as a tent full of Boy Scouts and yet easy on the cheese.
I feel like the balance of camp and cheese was perfect on Fever, whereas some of her other albums can skew more cheesy like Disco, which I'm not the biggest fan of.
I’ve never been a fan of Fever primarily because of the awful nasal vocals on songs like More More More, Give it to Me and Dancefloor. When she sings “gotta lose it in the music” on Dancefloor I really think it’s the worst she has ever sounded.