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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Songs from Xmas ads also get added to Xmas playlists.
  2. One Last Kiss original version just leak, is way better( for me) than the version on Golden, thanks for this
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  3. It was a bit cruise ship casino entertainment.
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  4. I love the original but this is so good.
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  5. The final version works great on Golden, especially that bridge, but I adore the song in this form. I wonder if there are any others that exist before the country-frying?
  6. Hearing these synths in the intro (as well as during the bridge) instantly reminded me of Robyn.
    I quite like this version, think even more than the released one.
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  7. It's... beepy-boopy.
  8. I remember Biff previewing it on his Instagram a while back. I'm surprised it leaked. I must confess though, I like the Golden version better. It is one of my favorites from the album. I wonder how it leaked?
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  9. The chorus is a noisy hot mess but those verses are awesome.
    The main final version remains unbothered.
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  10. The final version is brilliant as it is. The demo, for all it's nice to listen to, still feels like it just needs something to kick it up a gear. That said, the 2006/7s-synthy middle-eight is lovely. As is that "oh wow oh wow" after "Oh what I wanna do" (I've never noticed that on the album, if it's there at all)
  11. If only I could find this online…….
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  12. The Golden version was such a grower. I do think I didn’t fall in love with it straight away because of its placement. My only change with the standard version of Golden would be to move One Last Kiss as the closing track. Music’s Too Sad was too low key and not representative of the rest of the album enough to be the closer anyway.
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  13. The One Last Kiss demo is great! I don't know if it's better than the final Golden version as it's really not that different, but I like that it feels a bit more substantial.
  14. It's always been one of my favorites from Golden. Definitely top three for me. Just something about that middle eight, it gets me every time.
  15. A Kylie leak?! How exciting! Hopefully we get to hear some other Golden tracks - I've been wanting to hear this one in particular:
  16. Interesting that it seems that One Last Kiss has leaked via it's demo form if not online. Sounds more more already though judging by the descriptions of it, was never a big fan of the album mix.
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  17. My dream leak from Kylie would be the sessions she did with Jake and Babydaddy from Ultimate Kylie then pre X White Diamond timeline. Didn’t Jake say there was an albums worth? Imagine that leaking!!!!!
  18. Oh yes! Personally, I would love for a HQ leak of You're the One and Attention Seeker. I think someone said there was an album's worth of material recorded around Ultimate Kylie, then of course the pre-X tracks too. If the leaks from that era like "Loving You" are any indication, then the other tracks are definitely interesting!
  19. There's at least 200+ tracks in the vault I'd love to hear. 'Deepest Blue' for one should have leaked by now, seeing as it was so close to being released!! and the jazz album AND those tracks Kylie vetoed at the last minute for the Hits+ compilation.
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  20. Alas, I can't ever see many officially sanctioned unreleased songs by Kylie to see the light of day. Would love to be proven wrong though of course.
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