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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Following on from my remix of A Lifetime To Repair yesterday, I decided to give another Golden track a makeover in a similar way - this time one of my faves from the album Live A Little (the lyrics really resonate with me after the past 2 years especially!). Enjoy!

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  2. Could you tell us a little more about this?, I did not know that Hits + had discarded songs, mabye Impossible Princess unreleased tacks or KM93 sessions?
  3. 200+ tracks, but I'd bet only about thirty or so of them are any good, going by the X demos discs. Blows my mind that it's five years since they leaked after the drip drop of the best ones over the prior decade ("Sexual Gold", "Simple Boy", "Right Here Right Now" and "Something to Believe In" were about the only ones from the 2017 leak I've listened to again)
  4. I’d love Decon leaks. Even if it’s just of the countless numbers of remixes that Decon commissioned and which never saw the light of day.
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  5. Kylie should pull a Mariah and release a rarities compilation alongside a memoir for an anniversary.
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  6. That truly would be awesome.
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  7. Original cover and tracklist -



    The demos have leaked, but never in HQ. Even the "lossless" rip we had the last couple of years is from lossy sources.
  8. The
    I don’t know why Love Is On The Line is one of my favourite Decon era Kylie songs but I’d love it in HQ one day

    also, that original cover is it, it’s so good
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  9. Just to summarize - the ones we still don't have are Light That I Was Looking For, Love Is on the Line, and For All I'm Worth.
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  10. I heard that Kylie gave them This Girl to use instead, and the record company had no idea of the existence of that song. I'm sure she has lots of songs in her personal collection.
  11. Do you mean that we don't have them in true lossless or just in general? Because we do have them all in good quality.

    Hopefully the 6-minute version of Love Is In The Line will show up someday in high quality.
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  12. I meant officially released. I honestly have no idea what's leaked and what hasn't, aside from Feels So Good (the Atomic Kitten one).
  14. I've always been disappointed that the X demos weren't better, tbh. A majority of the best material either leaked before the release of the album or was officially released in some capacity.
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  15. As a graphic designer… when a job has many outtakes / unused ideas it just wasn’t meant to be.
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  16. Just played this, and it really is quite an gem and one of Kylie's best collaborations for me:

    Much love for the live outing on Showgirl too:
  17. Absolute class. I hope Kylie and Pet Shop Boys collaborate again.
  18. That would be wonderful. They fit so well together musically.
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  19. I think for some of us, myself included, it was a lesson that not all demos go anywhere, that some of them are just a kernel of a single idea documented for another day, and that it's best to keep your expectations in check. I'm glad we finally got them in the end so we could move on.
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  20. The biggest lesson for me was that just because a song has a great title doesn't mean that it'll be a great song.
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