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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I don't mind Chocolate, but still think it worked much better as an album track, as opposed to a single lead or otherwise.
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  2. Wasn't it Robbie Williams whose album wasn't ready in time, and therefore they had to rush-release Body Language?

    Either way, I think it's interesting that despite apparently not being 100 % finished when it was released, I still find Body Language better than 90 % of her discography. I guess sometimes music is better when it's not over-polished, and for me this is one of those cases. Obviously it's not always that way... Looking at you, X demos.
  3. Looking at the UK (top 40) chart run for Body Language, it's quite shocking actually for her first album following Fever:
    6, 15, 27, 36, 39
    then a brief sole 1 week return inside the top 40 at 28 in late March 2004.

    In the long run though, it did sale roughly the same amount as Light Years and X, plus more than Aphrodite her other Platinum Parlophone studio album.
  4. I think the public didn’t quite appreciate the genius that Slow was till much later, myself included.
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  5. I believe it was Robbie Williams who couldn't deliver a studio album for Q4 2003 which caused EMI to panic, as they'd clearly been comfortable with his yearly output for the previous three winters.
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  6. According to its Wikipedia page, work on Intensive Care started in the summer of 2003 (although its eventual release would be more than two years later) so this checks out.

    It also explains why they put out a Greatest Hits in 2004 (we already know Ultimate Kylie was prompted by Body Language's underperformance).
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  7. Yes, it was Robbie who was supposed to release an album. Kylie had recorded a bunch of tracks without any direction for the album and had recently recorded Slow, which gave her the idea that she wanted for the record. Sadly, Parlo "needed" an album for Q4 so they cut the sessions short and forced her to put out what she had already. I am a huge Bible Language fan, but I do think it would have been interesting if Kylie had been able to follow the style she was going for with Slow.
  8. That would have been a much more interesting album
  9. Body Language and Rhythm of Love are my 2 favourite Kylie albums.
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  10. I've began to come around to the thought that the release of Ultimate Kylie was what gave "Slow" its rocket boost into the top echelons of the Kylie cannon. After spending a year on the backfoot, you could have forgiven Team Kylie for burying "Slow" away in the latter half of the first disc if they had done so, but they didn't and it holds its own magnificantly with the big hitters around it. I think the general public really warmed to "Slow" because of this. All that "mixed-response" to "Slow" disappeared right around then.
  11. To be honest it was only about 3 years ago that Slow clicked with me and I think it’s one of the best pop songs ever.

    I just think it’s a song that takes its time to click with people because it is so different.
  12. It was a tough week for pop gals, both Body Language and In The Zone underperformed.
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  13. Quarter 4 2003 seemed like everyone threw an album out. A lot of acts lost out in the fight for attention.
  14. Inspired by the Christmas Day Channel 5 documentary I’ve been listening to Word Is Out a lot over the past few days. It’s so criminally underrated even if I can understand the GP at the time were suffering with PWL/Kylie fatigue (cretins!). Love the Lets Get To It album artwork as well. Visually the entire era was a stone cold shoot.
  15. What a waste of a lovely album cover.
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  16. I think this would have made a great album track/even a single:

    Wasn't there that whole City Games album/tracklist that leaked?
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  17. City Games is one of my favourite Body language era tracks, it fits so well on the main album.
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  18. Yeah, shame it didn't make the cut.
  19. “City Games” needs to be on streaming. Now.
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  20. I wonder if Parlophone roped in the Ludacris feature for Chocolate when it was being considered as a lead single. It really elevates the song, I wish it had been officially released.
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