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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I am holed up in Berlin hotel, Golden tour just started on German tv & I am living for it.

    “Dancing” hits differently in the end of 2021.
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  2. I’ve always liked this song but why now? I remember one particular Kylie forum had a campaign against the song when it was out because the spoilt children there didn’t like the R&B influence.
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  3. Love City Games, fab song.
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  4. Annoyingly, it's on there... but as a Chocolate remix labelled incorrectly.
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  5. Red Blooded Woman is amazing, and the video ... slaps hard.
  6. X really could have been something amazing, too many cooks spolied the broth so to speak, she was pulled in all sorts of directions with this album and it showed, there are some gems in this album like In My Arms, Sensitised, Nu-di-ty, Speakerphone, No more Rain, but the album as a whole go ruined. It could have been my all time favourite Kylie album but not quite.
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  7. They loved it, Kylie hated it.
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  8. They didn’t have clearance to use the image so it had to be changed. Shame as it is far superior.
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  9. She looked jaw droppingly stunning on the New Year's BBC special. May 2022 be the year we all get to experience the utter euphoria of a Kylie gig in person again!
  10. Happy New Year all the fellow Lovers! Here's hoping that 2022 is a good one and brings us something nice Kylie related to go with all these key Kylie anniversaries for the year:
    35 years of where it all began with Locomotion and I Should Be So Lucky
    30 years of Give Me Just A Little More Time, Finer Feelings, Greatest Hits with the 2 singles and leaving PWL
    25 years of Impossible Princess with also the singles Some Kind Of Bliss and Did It Again
    20 years of KYLIEFEVER2002 and the single releases of In Your Eyes, Love At First Sight and Come Into My World
    10 years of K25, Timebomb and The Abbey Road Sessions
    And by the very end of the year, it will have been a year since the Guest List Edition of Disco was released, a much welcome bonus to one of the best Kylie albums ever!
  11. 10 years of K25 makes me feel very old indeed
  12. Yep, same here! Remember that like it was yesterday.
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  13. Can’t see there being a K35 celebration this year other than a nod on socials.
  14. Maybe #K35 could finally be the right time for those discography vinyl pressings. My wallet is already shaking.
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  15. Yes, I don't think we will get it as big. K40 on the otherhand...
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  16. Dear Kylie, I'm so ready for #IP25 and Miles, Free, All Right Now, Looking down on me and You're the one !!!
    I'm not for digital at all, but a digirtal EP with all the different versions of I should be so lucky would have been nice for #ISBSL35; an acoustic take or, if Steve Anderson wouldn't be too busy, a 2022 remix would have been great, too
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  17. I realise a lot of people would prefer she steer clear of rappers altogether - but to throw a collaboration with a bona fide A-lister in the bin, only to team up a few years later with a one-hit wonder whose moment had already passed, all in a futile attempt to get a hit in the US...

    Sometimes, you just want to shake whoever makes these decisions.
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  18. I can't stop listening to Infinite Disco - literally played it three times in a row last night, and I'm on my second in a row right now. There are so many moments that just make all the narcotics receptors in my brain light up. She really is the greatest popstar in the world. (Sorry, Taylor, I'm knocking you down to #2.)
  19. Imagine knowing you are the artist that has 'The One', 'Love At First Sight', 'Slow', 'Confide In Me' etc in your catalog. Pop perfection.
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